100 pcs Glow in the Dark Pebbles for walkways Décor Glow Stones rocks for garden outdoor Decorative Luminous Pebbles Gravel Fairy Garden Pathway Walkway Fish Tank Aquarium Ornaments in Blue

How do you make them glow?

No Electricity Required – First, irradiate them for 2 or 3 hours in the sun or under a bright light.They will then automatically glow in the dark. If you irradiate them in the stronger light for longer time, they will glow stronger and longer. After being in the sun all day, you will have a lovely glowing yard or garden at night. Put them in your room, after pull down the curtain and turn off the light, you will see them glow softly in the dark, you will get a fairy night.
Why they won’t glow?

1. The pebbles send soft glowing and will be hard to notice in the bright environments. Please make it in the dark area, or turn off the lights
2. if they don’t glow or not so bright in the dark, it’s possible the stored light may be exhausted, you need to irradiate them in the light again to charge, the will glow again!

Please expose the pebbles to the sun or light, make sure absorb enough light, The longer the absorption time, the Brighter of the pebbles, the longer the luminous time.SIZE AND SHINING: Only 8-10 minutes of exposed to daylight or lamplight, the magical glow tones pebbles can maintain its afterglow in the dark for about 10-12 hours, the stonger light it absorbed and darker place in, the brighter they are! Blue Decorative glow stones measure 0.8″-1.2″/ 2-3 cm. 100 pieces per package. Pebble lighting that requires no electricity and no power. This glow stones pebbles graval stones are durable and weather resistant.
HEALTHY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: This decorative Glowing stones made of resin, non-toxic, smell less, non-radioactive, no harm to people, fish, birds and plants, can be perfect glow in the dark stones pebbles idea for aquarium decorations for fish tank, mason jar, pathway, yard garden decoration aquarium decoration.
OUTDOOR & INDOOR DECORATIVE: Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a potted planter with these pebble stones that will glow in the night or dark after being exposed to sunlight or lamplight. Luminous Stepping Stones ideal for fish tank, Aquarium Ornaments, gardening ending, garden path, gravel pathway, bird fountain, flower bed, waterscapes, landscape, planter, potted plants pots, aquariums, crafts decorations.
BUILT YOUR FAIRY/CELESTIAL GARDEN: Create a surreal nighttime environment in your yard using the glow in the dark pebbles. These all-weather pebbles emit a brilliant glow that will transform your backyard into a magical setting. With Amagabeli magic stones build your own fairy garden or celestial garden.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND TIPS: Glow pebbles has one year WARRANTY (doesn’t glow, defection, any accassion not meet your expectation, etc.). TIPS: please do not pile up the glowing peddles to make sure that each of them exposes to the sunlight or lamp light, for full “solar charging”.

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