100ft Garden Hose, ALL NEW Expandable Water Hose with 3/4 Solid Brass Fittings, Double Latex, Reinforced Fabric Casing- Flexible Expanding Hose (100FT)

1. 3 times expandable from its original length with water pressure.
2. Made with durable pressure-resistant latex and other premium material, won’t leak, tangle, twist, or kink.
3. With solid brass connectors and sprayer nozzle with 8 patterns.
4. Lightweight and portable, easy to move, use and store.

Length of 100FT:Original 33 feet water hose, can expand to max 100 feet water hose with water pressure.
Material: Latex/ Pro-TPE/ Brass/ High tenacity filament/ Polyester cloth
Product weight: 3.89 lbs
8 patterns of nozzle: Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist and Center.
Applicable to: Water your garden, wash your car, clean your back yard, or use in your business or anywhere else.
Note: We keep upgrading our hose, so there maybe is a little difference in some parts of the hose between you received and our pictures show.

Package Includes
1 x Expandable garden hose with solid brass connectors
1 x Spray nozzle
1 x Simple User manual

1. When hose is used and fully extended, please don’t close the nozzle, or the increasing water pressure will probably endanger the hose.
2. When the hose is not used, please discharge the water in the hose in time, otherwise the inner tube will become less elastic under long time water pressure and affect the expansion function.ORIGINAL WITH PATENT. The garden hose is original with patent – new improved – made with premium material and advanced craft, has top quality, will not leak, tangle, twist, or kink.
REAL 3 TIMES EXPANDABLE. With US standard water pressure, the 100FT hose with original 33 feet can expands to max 100 feet, but can return in few seconds to 33 feet after water is out!
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE. The 100FT light garden hose with solid brass connectors, valve and sprayer nozzle is only 3.89lbs, so it is easy to move and store.
WITH BRASS CONNENCTORS AND NOZZLE: Brass connectors make the garden hose more durable to use, and the garden hose nozzle with 8 patterns improves watering efficiency.
100% MONEY BACK. We offer 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will issue a full refund without hassle.

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