480pieces 4” Nylon Cable Ties Self-Locking Zip Ties Multi-color (Red,yellow,green,purple,pink,blue) for Outdoor Garden Office Use

1.Use of environmentally friendly durable nylon original raw material deformation
2.Mechanical design for easy operation, stationary slip
3.Wide range of applications such as supermarkets resident household appliances factor
Type:Self-locking Nylon Cable Tie
Working Temperature:-35-100 centigrade
Package Show
80*Red / 80*Yellow / 80*Green / 80*Blue / 80*Purple / 80*Pink
Wire Diameter:Approx.2.5mm
Quantity:80pcs per color, totally 6 colors,480pcs
Net Weight:Approx.195g
Made of strong nylon 66 material
Medium duty cable ties in black and white for home, office, garage, workshop and more
Unique upturned tail skid innovation, faster and easier assembly

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