50FT Heavy Duty Outdoor Expandable Garden Hose Reel Nozzle 8 Pattern Spray Adapter Kit Lightweight Retractable & Flexible Stainless Steel Metal Connector No Kink Water Hose Triple Ply Latex Inner

⁉️Why should you buy the “Scale It Up” Garden Hose⁉️

The Scale It Up is lightweight at your fingertips with ease of use and durability factors using the 3750D
flexible polyester fabric cover. The 3/4 inch brass fittings are able to withstand the drastic wear and tear
conditions of everyday use which are corrosion free. When you purchase with our company, you join our
family and brand. Customer service is our #1 Priority and we are here to help you throughout each step.

⁉️Helpful Tips to Keep Durability of Hose⁉️

✅Always Drain the Water from the Hose When Not In Use
✅Make Sure the Water Pressure Is In Normal Range (3-6 Bar)
✅Store the Water Hose In a Shaded Area to Prevent Excess Heat Damage
✅Do Not Walk Over Expandable Hose Extensively
✅The Optimal Temperature for Use is 41℉ – 113℉

📦 Package Includes:

• 1 X Blue 50FT Expandable Garden Hose w/ Highly Durable Brass Connectors
• 1 X 8 Pattern Switch Nozzle
• 1 X Rust-Free Shut Off/On Valve

30 Day Warranty and Money Back:
If you do not like your garden hose, feel free to send it back and we will send you your money back. We want you to have the best results and best service from us possible.

☑️EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: The Scale It Up water hose is made with a inner high quality nano latex triple stitching. The tubing using lightweight expandable material that is able to expand three times it’s size from incoming water pressure. The hose is simple to use, you simply attach the hose to the water spout and the hose will expand before your eyes.
☑️DURABLE & LONGEVITY: The hose uses a high temperature resistant brass connector fitting to prevent any leaks, tears, and or cracks. The hose can withstands water pressure of 3 – 12 Bar and temperature of 41 ℉ – 113 ℉.
☑️EASE OF USE: With the flexible design this hose is easy to use and fits any standard 3/4 tap or 1/2 tap adaptor.
☑️NOZZLE SPRAYER BUNDLE: The sprayer comes with a 8 function feature, the rubberized outer coating is slip-resistant and comfy which has a knob for controlling water pressure. Set the sprayer to your desire pressure and continue along with your daily tasks such as washing the car, watering the plants, cleaning the pool, cleaning the garden, and even washing the driveway.
☑️ADVANCED DESIGN: The design is easily retractable, storable, just simply drain the water from the hose when not in use. The hose comes with a 30 day warranty so that if you don’t like it by any means, you are able to return it and receive your money back. We pride ourselves on a good product.

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