75ft Expandable Garden Hose Expanding Water Hose with 100% Solid Brass Valve, Flexible Outdoor Hose can 3x Expandable, 75″ Lightweight Gardening Yard Hoses No Kink Cloth Car Wash Hose (2019 Newest)

◆2019 New Upgrade – High Quality – Super Expandable Garden Hose

◆High Quality, Up-to-date Materials and Versatile Design, Easily Meet Your Various Watering Needs


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Our Expandable Garden Hose

✔Our expandable garden hoses are made from the latest multi-layer natural latex, high-density outer braid and 100% pure brass fittings

This newly designed expandable garden hose never tangles, leaks or bursts

✔This expandable garden hose automatically expands 3x from 25ft to 75ft when the water pressure is turned on

When closed, the expandable garden hose retracts to its original 25ft length

✔So this expandable garden hose is very light and flexible, easy to carry, store and move, saving you space

Eliminate the hassle of using heavy, bulky water hoses

✔This expandable garden hose comes with 3/4″ 100% brass fittings and internal rubber gaskets

They are completely leak proof, will not crack, rust and corrode

✔Our expandable garden hoses meet all your watering needs

Lawn irrigation, plant watering, cleaning houses and floors, pet bathing, car washing

Expandable Garden Hose Set Includes

-1 * 75ft expandable garden hose

-1 * water hose storage bag

-1 * water hose hanger

-3 * water hose seal rings

Warm Tips

◉The expandable garden hose does not contain water hose nozzles

◉Drain the water inside the water hose when not in use

◉Store the expandable garden hose in a cool, ventilated place

◉The water hoses are best used at 41°F-113°F

◉The water hose is used with a water pressure range of 3-12 bar

1-Years Warranty&90-Days Money Back Guarantee

If You Have Questions About This Expandable Garden Hose, Please Contact Us Immediately!

❤【2019 Latest Upgraded High Quality Garden Hose】Our 75ft expandable garden hose is made from the latest multi-layer natural latex and high-elastic outer fabric, 100% solid brass fittings and other free accessories are perfect. Compared to traditional garden hoses, this expandable garden hose completely solves the problem of leaks and bursts, never tangling, kinking and aging. The life expectancy of our expandable garden hoses is 60% longer than other common expandable garden hoses.
❤【Multi-Purpose Garden Hose】This expandable garden hose is equipped with a garden hose storage bag and garden hose holder for easy storage and carrying. Our expandable garden hoses are ideal for many watering and cleaning purposes: all outdoor travel, car wash, lawn maintenance, yard cleaning, house cleaning and pet showers! This expandable garden hose allows quick connection to 3/4in kitchens, bathroom faucets and other garden hose nozzles. This expandable garden hose makes your life easier.
❤【Extra Long, Durable&Portable】Our expandable garden hoses are made from the latest high quality materials on the market. Make this expandable garden hose rugged. When the water is turned on, the garden hose can expand 3x, from 25ft to 75ft, and shrinks to 25ft when the water is closed. This expandable garden hose no longer has any cracks, kinks, leaks and bursts. This expandable garden hose is light and flexible, and long enough that you can easily move around the garden without getting tired!
❤【100% Brass Fittings That Meet US Standards】Our expandable garden hoses are equipped with 3/4″ solid brass connectors and seals ring that are well-made and rugged. They are far superior to plastic, aluminum or imitation brass fittings. You don’t have to worry about leaks, rust and aging. In addition, this expandable garden hose comes with a full copper on-off valve for easier opening/closing of water and avoiding water wastage. This expandable garden hose makes your gardening life easier!
❤【1-Years after-sales】This expandable garden hose is high quality, durable, lightweight and flexible, and is fully compliant with US standards to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We promise to replace the defective expandable garden hose within 1 years and provide a 90-day money back guarantee. If you have questions about this garden hose, please contact us immediately. We will refund the full amount or provide a new expandable garden hose. Buy this garden hose completely without risk!

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