75ft Expandable Garden Hose Expanding Water Hoses, 75feet Flexible Lightweight Gardening Hoses No Kink, Outdoor Yard Cloth Hose can 3x Expandable with 100% Solid Brass Valve 9 Function Hose Nozzle

●2018 Market’s Highest Quality Materials And The Latest Versatile Design Expandable Garden Hoses

●Our Expandable Gardens Hose Make Your Garden Life More Efficient And Easier!

●Our Expandable Garden Hose Is the Best Choice for Elderly and Hand Joint Discomfort

●ENJOY GARDENING TIME with Your Family or Friends with Our Expandable Garden Hose

✔The Latest Super Expandable Garden Hoses to Meet Your Different Watering Needs

✔Lawn Irrigation / Plant Watering / Pet Shower / Cleaning House / Floor / Car

Our Flexible Expandable Garden Hose

-Ultra-soft 3750D polyester weave protects multi-layer latex inner tube and works properly under pressure of 3-12 bar

So, this expandable garden hose will never tangled, leak or rupture

-High quality 3/4″ brass connector with brass on-off valve and sealing rubber gasket for never rust, leak or corrosion

This expandable garden hose can withstand high and low temperatures (41°F-113°F)

-When the water pressure is turned on, our expandable garden hose begins to expand 3x, from 25ft to 75ft, and shrinks to the original 25ft when the water is closed.

-This expandable garden hose is lightweight, flexible and easy to operate. It is compact and saves you storage space

-Uniquely designed 2018 latest 9-function rotating garden hose nozzle, no need to press the garden hose nozzle and handle for a long time.

-When not in use, simply drain from the expandable garden hose and store in a cool, ventilated place


-1*75ft Expandable Garden Hose

-1*Water Hose Nozzle

-3*Water Hose Sealing Rings

-1*Water Hose Hanger

-1*Water Hose Storage Bags

1-Year 100% After-Sales and 3-Month Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately

We will give you a full refund or give a new expandable garden hose

Buying Our Expandable Garden Hose Is Completely Risk Free!

【2018 Perfectly Designed Garden Hose】 This extra-long 75ft expandable garden hose features a premium multi-layered natural latex inner tube, 3/4″ 100% brass fittings and 9-function garden hose nozzles. The highest quality materials make this expandable garden hose no longer leaks and cracks, tangles, kinks, and aging. The newly designed expandable garden hose perfectly solves these problems. This expandable garden hose It is the perfect choice for your watering life.
【1-year 100% after-sales guarantee】 Our expandable garden hoses use the most stringent, high-quality manufacturing standards to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We are committed to this expandable garden hose with a 1-year warranty and a 3-month money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately. We will give you a full refund or give a new expandable garden hose. Don’t worry, buying our expandable garden hose is completely risk free!
【 Easy to Store&Carry】 Our expandable garden hose start to expand 3x, from 25ft to 75ft when the water pressure is turned on, shrink back to the original length of 25ft when the water is closed. So, this expandable garden hose is very lightweight and flexible, the expandable garden hose is easy to move. This expandable garden hose comes with a free garden hose storage bag and garden hose holder for easy carrying and storage, save space. This expandable garden hose makes your life more relaxing!
【Multipurpose & High Quality Garden Hose】 This expandable garden hose is made from 2018 high-strength, tough outer fabric and high-quality, durable multi-layer natural latex tubes. Make this expandable garden hose never leak, tangles, rupture and aging. This expandable garden hose also features a 9-function garden hose swivel nozzle for any watering needs: car wash / clean house / plant watering / turf irrigation / pet shower etc. Our expandable garden hose makes your garden life richer!
【Strong&Durable solid brass fittings】 This expandable garden hose features 100% pure brass fittings and rubber seals. High quality materials will never burst, leak, rust or corrode. It’s sturdy and strong! This expandable garden hose is equipped with a full copper on-off valve for easy opening/closing of water to prevent water wastage. Our expandable garden hoses allow quick connection to any 3/4″ faucet and other garden hose nozzles. Use this expandable garden hose to make you happy every day!

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