ALMA Expandable Garden Hose 50ft – Strongest Expandable Water Hose with Extra Strong Brass Connectors – Flexible Expanding Garden Hose Best for Outdoor Watering NEW 2018 Hoses – black

The expandable water hose set will assist you in all wide watering tasks:
With coiling and no-kink garden hose you will not lug around heavy rubber and vinyl garden hoses
that twist and tangle it is ultra easy to maneuver with its reinforced extendable design it starts out at 17 ft
and expands thrice its size to a 50ft with ease and contracts its original short pocket size when the water is out.
The compact collapsable neverkink design of the expandable garden hose makes your yard work effortless. FREE
storage bag with a hook helps you to save a space. Made from high-quality durable premium grade leak-proof
materials the expandable water hose is sturdy enough for a long term use. non kinking 3750D polyester fabric
cover protects the double latex inner pipe and allows expanding of the expandable garden hose up to 50 feet
perfect size for outdoor watering with professional high pressure Zinc alloy heavy duty 8-patterns spray nozzle
attachment Jet Center Mist Shower Rinse Flat Soaker Cone it covers all of your outside watering needs: watering
potted plants and trees cleaning patio lawns and pools showering your dog and washing car – select a right pressure
& your watering task will be solved with easeEXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE – high quality premium sturdy material the expandable water hose can expand 3 times to its original length. Upgraded functional modern design is flexible collapsible and best maneuverable
MAGIC HOSE – no kink expandable hose comes with nickel plated 3/4 USA standard leak free fittings, double latex pipe and 3750D stretch polyester fabric. Our flexible and expandable garden hose 50 feet a never tangle and kink-resistant
EXPANDED WATER HOSE – flexible expanding garden hose starts out at 17 ft in length extending up to an impressive 50 ft with the water pressure (3-12 Bar) and shrinking to its original length once the water is off.
HEAVY DUTY NOZZLE SPRAYER – made from metal and has 8 unique spray modes with On/Off Valve bullet. Best for watering your lawn gardening and washing your car and pets spray with no winding or coiling
HOSE STORAGE – lightweight expandable garden hose comes with – storage soft black bag along with a pocket hanger gives you a simple efficient way to store the magic coiled hose.

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