Amazon Lights New All-Natural Insect Repellent Outdoor Garden Incense Cones – Set of 50 Cones with Ceramic Burning Dish

Spend time outdoors bug-free the natural way with Amazon Lights Incense Cones. Using a highly concentrated mixture of citronella, Andiroba, rosemary, and thyme, Amazon Lights Incense Cones protect your patio and garden from pesky bugs, gnats, and mosquitoes, with a fresh, environmentally-safe scent.

Each Garden Cone has up to 25 minutes of bug-free, enjoyable burn time and contains 10% essential oils for an aromatic scent. Amazon Lights products are all part of a Fair Trade Community in the Brazillan Amazon, which has used the main ingredient Andiroba in their daily lives since the beginning of time. Andiroba works as an amazing natural bug repellent because it causes insects to lose their appetite, and in return, they do not bite. Because Andiroba is not an insecticide, insects do not die and the food chain is not harmed or disrupted.

This set comes with 50 Incense cones, each with a burn-time of 25 minutes, making them the perfect option for short outdoor moments, such as an afternoon brunch or planting. This set also comes with an attractive easy-to-clean ceramic burner plate to keep the incense ashes off your table.All-natural, made with essential oils and Andiroba, a natural repellent.
This set comes with 50 large incense cones and a ceramic burning plate.
A healthy, harmless way to protect yourself against pests.
Made with Andiroba, Citronella, Rosemary & Thyme for a pleasant scent.
Perfect for garden parties, outdoor eating, and romantic evenings.

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