Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank | Indoor Aquaponics Kit | Grow Your Own Organic Sprouts and Herbs | Self-Cleaning Beta Fish Tank

Meet our new Water Garden — it’s a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs on top. We’re bringing a full ecosystem right into your home.

CUSTOMERS LOVE US – “The genius of this fish tank this is how little you have to do. The instructions are easy to follow even if you lack a green thumb or familiarity with fish. Just fill the tank, plug in the pump, put the grow stones in the planter, and sprinkle with seeds. Within a few days, you’ll start to see plants growing. Unlike traditional tanks, you skip the water filter and the hassle of regularly changing the water, because the roots clean the water for you.” – 2017
GUARANTEED TO GROW – This award-winning, home aquaponics beta fish tank comes with our “100% Guaranteed to Grow” promise, making it great for beginners. We promise your aqua farm will grow or we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.
SELF CLEANING – This self-cleaning beta fish tank aqaurium effortlessly grows organic plants on top. The fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water – no water changes required! It’s a table-top, closed-loop ecosystem perfect for kitchens or classrooms. Grows year-round!
PERFECT GIFT OR SCHOOL PROJECT – This mini aquafarm makes a perfect gift or classroom project to teach about DIY aquaponics & ecosystems. We hope to help every family experience the magic of growing their own food & make gardening part of every school curriculum!
MADE IN THE USA – All Back to the Roots products are designed and manufactured in the United States. We hope you join the Back to the Roots family as we work to “Undo Food” and connect back to where it comes from.

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