Bug Zapper Light Bulb, Insect Killer, fly killer, Mosquito Zapper Lamp, Built in Insect Trap, For Indoor Outdoor Garden Patio Backyard, Suitable for 110V E27 Light Bulb outlet

Operation Guide
1. Plug the fly zapper bulb light into an outlet (110V) and switch it on. (You can switch the outlet which you prefer to.If you turn on the mode of zapper with light,you only should turn down and turn on again to switch the another )
2. The LED bug bulb light in the middle will attract insects into the ZAPPER GRID.
3. The electric fly grid kills insects immediately.
4. Switch it off and pull the plug out of socket.
5. It is recommended that the mosquito zapper could be left on when users go out of the house.
6. It is recommended that users could switch the bug zapper bulb light on and turn off bright lights in bedroom three hours before sleep.

-Eliminate bugs, flies,mosquitoes, insects, etc.
-For indoor and outdoor use.
-Non-toxic and no chemicals
-Energy-saving and easy to clean
Note: Turn off the fly zapper light before cleaning the dead bugs with a brush or duster. And it’s not waterproof.

S SAVHOME LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb
Dimension: 6.2* 3.1 * 3.1 inches
Power: 12 W
Voltage: 110 V
Light Color: Cool White 6500 K
Lamp Holder: Bayonet Cap E27
Beam angle: 200°
Mode: Zapper with light/Zapper without light

Create an Insect-free Zone
This mosquito zapper emits UV light while working.
The maximum coverage area is up to 180 sq. ft.
Its simple structure and scientific design improves its capabilities in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, nurseries, etc.
Working without noises and radiation, S SAVHOME pollution-free mosquito zapper is definitely safe for children and pregnant women.

After-sales Service
– We assure you a 60-day money back guarantee.
-In addition, we also provide you with 24-hour-reply guarantee. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

NOW, Click “Add to Cart” now and get rid of pesky bugs with Bug Zapper Light Bulb!ி Physical Anti-mosquito Technology, More Effective: The bug zapper light bulb adopts a new physical anti-mosquito technology which is effective in killing flies, mosquitoes, moths, fleas and bug gnats. With all open-style design, the insects will be attracted by UV light and be killed by the powerful electric shock,just like a fly trap or insect trap.It also can be your pest repellent assistant.
ி Multi-purpose, More Considerable : 2 modes can be chose by controlling switch. Lighting and anti-mosquito function can be opened separately. The mosquito zapper keeps working quietly for you and your families to protect them all night long. The LED light is not only bright enough to light up a room but also soft enough to protect your eyes.
ி Indoor & Outdoor Use, Wider Application: The insect zapper is suitable for indoor (home, garage, kitchen) & outdoor (porch, shed, patio) use.And the bug zapper light can be installed in anywhere with a suitable lampholder. For a better result, 1.5m away from the floor is the best installation height to help you eliminate mosquitoes and bugs more effectively.
ி Human-centered Design, Easier Operation: The fly zapper adopt a special 45 degrees slope design , making bug (fruit fly,mosquito,moth,flea and so on)corpses automatically slide down. For daily cleaning, you just pull the bug zapper bulb out of the lamp holder and clean it with a brush after making sure that the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet.
ி Low Power Consumption, More Eco-friendly: Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. The bug zapper light bulb is your preferred chemical-free and radiation-free alternative. The bug zapper bulb pursues the goal of low-carbon and high efficiency, it only costs 1.44 dollars per day for 5 hours’ using.

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