Centh 2 Way Y Hose Splitter, Garden Splitter with Comfortable Rubberized Grip for Easy Life (Green)

Product description:
Elekin Y shape hose splitter makes your garden life more interesting by converting 1 spigot into 2 water sources!

How to Use:
1. Connect your spigot with the hose splitter, the water flowing from bidirectional faucet.?
2. Connect two hoses on splitter when you use it at outdoor.?
3. To reduce hydraulic pressure, before you open your spigot, you should open two valves at the same time, and then you can control water flow by twisting switch gently.?
4. Close your spigot and shut off valves when you needn’t to use it.?

1. Convert one tap into two and control your water flow easily, great for outdoors garden using.
2. The material is zinc alloy with comfortable rubberized grip, which help you eliminating the possibility of abrasion. The hose splitter can match any 3/4”spigot, so it will connect with your faucet nicely.
3. It is a good assistant for getting tired of walking back all the way to the house to change the sprinkler position, which makes it so much easier water the flowers and the lawn.

Package included:
This item arrived with one washer, the Y-shaped hose splitter.?

To avoid leakage, please add the washer or others into the connector.
Remove from spigot when water is turned off.
Choose correct size spigot and hoses.
Remove Hose splitter from your spigot when the weather turns cold.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by email at any time, and we will respond you immediately!Durable and Recyclable: The garden hose splitter is made of high quality zinc alloy and plastic with comfortable rubberized grip. Never worry that the hose splitter will be rusted.
2 Way Y Connector: The garden hose splitter has 2 Way connectors and 2 valves. After using the water splitter, it easily converts 1 spigot into 2 high flow water sources. It can make your garden life easier.
Correct Size: The size of connector is 3/4″ (US standard); our hose splitter can match any American spigot. Hose splitter 2 way can support 0.8Mpa water press.Choosing Centhgarden hose splitter, you will never worry about the wrong size for your spigot.
Easy for Installation: Only rotating the connector when hose splitter connects with your spigot. No tool needed.
Warranty: Every Centhproduct enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee & 60 days money back Guarantee.

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