chic style Garden Hose Holder, Metal Garden Hose Carrier Cast Iron Black (Large)

The Standard / Expanding Hose Holder is the perfect way to store and hang your standard garden hose or Expanding Hose. Simply hang the Holder Support on your garden tap or wherever you prefer to keep your Expanding Hose or garden hose. There’s no need to struggle with winding your hose round the tap or trailing it on the floor – simply attach the Expanding Hose Holder to your wall or post in your garage, shed or utility area..

Material : Metal 
Weight: 0.57lbs
Size: 8.5 inch *4 inch*3 inch
Notice: This Hanger only work well for Expandable Garden Hose.
Package contains: 1 X Expandable Garden Hose Holder ,prevents hose from tangling and twisting.

Heavy Duty, Portable Hose Holder : This hose hook is perfect to Organise  your hose welland prevent from any unwanted kinking, tangling, or twisting. With this kind of hose holder white ,keeping hose on its top condition becomes an easy task.
EXPANDING -This universal flexible hose holder is suitable for almost all expandable hoses, and the water hose holder can hold expandable hoses from 7.5m – 16m (only for expandable hose).
Durable Hose Holder: Rust resistant and made with heavy duty metal, which making hose hook durable enough to support 25FT/50FT expanding metal garden hose hanger holder outdoor.
Easy to use: Simply hang the Hose Pipe holder on your garden tap or a hook
Hose Holder Size: 8.66 x 3.54x 2 inches hose hangers

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