Cypress Raised Garden Planter Kit (24″ Wide x 48″ Long x 35″ Tall) – Unmatched Strength, Thicker Than All Other Elevated Planters – 100% Rot Resistant Cypress – Fast Assembly, No Tools Needed

Cypress Raised Planter Kit (24″ wide x 48″ long x 35″ tall) – Perfect Balcony Stand for Herbs, Tomatoes, & VegetablesUNMATCHED STRENGTH: Our premium cypress boards are taller and double the thickness of cheaper competitors. Our boards are finger jointed, just like the studs in your home. This creates an extremely strong bond and far less warping or bowing than full length boards. Do not let a low quality planter ruin your hard work during gardening season.
100% ROT RESISTANT CYPRESS: We chose North American Cypress (also known as “Yellow Cedar”) for its outstanding rot resistance. Others may cut cost by using fir or pine that looks similar, but those materials are widely known to have zero resistance to rot and do not belong in your garden bed.
ONE-PIECE BOTTOM, LINER INCLUDED: Our single-piece bottom is a superior upgrade in strength over cheaper raised planters. Others use multiple thinner, floating sections for the bottom. These often fail in a year or less, leaving all your soil and herbs dumped onto the ground.
FAST ASSEMBLY, NO TOOLS NEEDED: Line up the holes, insert the heavy duty bolts, and tighten down the nuts with the provided wrench. Assembly is that easy! With you in mind, we sanded all sides and edges of each board. No tools, no splinters, no comparison.
TOUGH AS A RHINO: You want a planter to last more than a year, so don’t buy the cheapest on the market. This is the strongest, longest-lasting, easiest to assemble, best looking herb garden planter available. Plus, nobody else beats our 10-inch inside planting depth.

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