Expandable Garden Hose 50ft(7 in 1)multi-function hose nozzle, garden hose lightweight- multiple spray patterns water hose gun,flexible garden hose with double latex core – super fabric protection,ret

♥Easy To Use and Store:This garden hose is very lightweight and flexible, easy to carry, store and move, saving you space.
♥Powerful Durability:Flexible garden hose is covered with tough fabric to protect inner tubing.
♥No Chemical: This expandable garden hose 50ft applies the best materials and the latest design.
♥Meet All You Watering Needs:Our garden hoses are widely used in watering plants and trees, cleaning garden and swimming pools, showering dogs and car washing.

Product color: blue, American connector with valve and European quick connector.
Set = [1 water gun +1 water hose + 2 in 1 connector + English manual opp packaging + color box]
Weight: 437 grams each.
Specification: length 16ft, extended 50ft.
Once water passes through the water hose, flexible expandable water hose will be extended to 3 times and passed without water it will retract the original length, which is convenient for use in further place, lightweight and space-saving.

♥Use suggestions:
✔Please note that garden hoses are used at temperatures from 23°F to 113°F.
✔Confirm that the water pressure is in a normal state (3-12 bar).
✔When not using water hose, remember to drain water from the garden hose.
✔Try not to step on the expandable garden hose when gardening.

Expandable Garden Hose Lightweight Water Gun Set:due to the pressure of the retractable hose itself, the expansion of the garden hose is excellent(1:3),flexible garden hose without water filled is 16ft, it extends to 50ft when filled of water and returns to original length quickly. Easy To Store.
7 In 1 Flexible Water Spray Mode:the rotation can switch 7 kinds of watering modes-wide range of use.Flexible garden hose 50 ft is suitable for washing car,pets,glass,flushing,watering etc.
Easy To Use & Effortless:Lightweight hose with one-button start labor-saving buckle, no need continue to press,is very effortless.The anti-shedding card slot and anti-slip handle design,and the water volume can be adjusted freely,the expandable hose will not be twisted, tangled or knotted,retractable garden hoses fit all corners.
Leak-proof Design & Powerful Durability:correct installation ensures that garden hose expandable no more leak,water hose has no pressure itself when in a water-free state , and the hose has strong pressure in the water-passing state.so water hoses expandable has strong elastic force and flexibility.50ft garden hose is made of double layer 100% natural durable latex core and wrapped with anti-pressure & anti-wear material.It’s safe,non-toxic and has no odor.
Worry-free Warranty:We are confident in the quality of expandable garden hose. If you have any questions about this water hose,just contact us and we will send you a replacement or refund. Enjoy a zero risk purchase and top customer service.

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