FVTLED Low Voltage 30pcs Multi-color RGB LED Deck Lights Kit 1-3/4″ Stainless Steel Recessed Wood Outdoor Yard Garden Decoration Lamps Patio Stairs Landscape Pathway Step LED Lighting


– Our LED Deck lights are of the highest quality and an ideal product for transforming your home and garden.
– Looks gorgeous on deck surfaces
– Energy saving and environment friendly
– Weatherproof, waterproof, and rustproof, these LED deck lights are the ideal maintenance-free solution for adding ambiance to your barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor parties.
– Can also used in commercial places like shopping malls, square, hotels as decoration or lighting.


DC12V 0.2w (for single color) / 0.5W( for multi-color) LED deck light Dia.45mm.
Lights are IP67 rated – suitable for use outdoors.
3ft of cable between each light.
Each light contains 3 LED SMD5050s.
Lumen Output: 12 LM
Beam angle: 120°
Wire length: Double 0.5M
Item Color: Silver
Material: PC & High Grade Stainless Steel
Polished stainless steel bezel.
Designed to sit flush on any hard flat surface.
Light Size: Diameter 45mm Depth 26mm Cut out 35mm.


  • Please pay attention to the distinction between positive and negative wire, there is an arrow signal on the wire
  • The length between each light is 1m(3.28ft), if you want to extend it, please purchase our 4pin extension cables separately.
  • These lights are DC 12V low voltage so that can not be connected to AC voltage, otherwise these lights will be burned out or blink (It will shorten the lights’ lifespan).
  • Package Included:

    30 x LED Deck Lights
    1 x 30W LED Power Supply
    1 x LED Remote Controller
    Original PackageLight Size: Diameter: 45MM(1.77″) Depth: 26MM Cut out: 35MM
    Ultra bright DC 12V low voltage LED lights, each light contains 3pcs SMD5050 LEDs.
    With 1.64ft cable attached by male and female waterproof connectors, the length between each light is 3.28ft.
    Polished stainless steel bezel – Waterproof IP67 Rated – Ideal for decking, kitchens & bathrooms
    Security light – You can safely light up your pathways, deck, or patio with this LED recessed light and eliminate the worries of tripping or falling.

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