Garden Genie Gloves, Inf-way Right Hand Claws Gardening Gloves, Quick & Easy to Dig & Plant, Safe for Rose Pruning – As Seen On TV (Right Hand Claw 1 pair)

European-certified gloves specifically developed to meet gardening requirements package contains two pairs of blue nitrile gloves and two pairs of purple nitrile gloves hypoallergenic nitrile coating on the palms and breathable nylon on the back of the gloves for reduced sweating extremely lightweight and stretchable- one size fits most high elasticity offers more comfort and improved flexibility you can wear these nitrile garden gloves for hours with ease these gardening gloves for women provide a strong, firm grip thus avoiding slippage, while still being breathable high quality protective coating prevents accidental cuts, scratches and pricks from thorns, sticks, broken nails and more keep dirt, dust, mud and impurities away from palms and wrist easy to clean – machine washable our gloves retain premium quality after continued usage. Best gloves for the garden and are also able to used for protection around the household, auto and more perfect addition to your gardening tools and gardening supplest they make a great gardening gift for your gardener friend or family member .As Seen On TV — Your great choice!
Fits Like a Second Skin. Durable, waterproof, puncture resistant to protect your hands.
Breathable technology that protects your hands from dirt, sweat and injuries while heavy duty work
4 claws made with durable ABS plastic. Built claws that let you dig and plant without hand tools
ONE SIZE Fits most women, men and even big kids – Best stylish choice for protecting the hands in the family.

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