Garden Gloves with Fingertips Claws Quick– Great for Digging Weeding Seeding poking -Safe for Rose Pruning –Best Gardening Tool -Best Gift for Gardeners (Single Claw) (Single Claw)

The sudden thaw means that spring is here.The air was filled with the breath of spring.

Let ‘s do some gardening and start the most beautiful season.

You just need refresh your regular gloves with the Foamsky professional garden gloves

These gloves are our newest product .
These gloves are strong and comfy that make your gardening easy and fun. No matter how you can rake up leaves, dig out weeds and dig holes for planting, with just your hands! They can meet your needs in gardening.

These gloves’ size fit most of us. strong handy and flexible glove is every gardener dream

The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands.

Tending and cultivating a garden make us happy,these gloves are great gifts for the gardeners in your family and gardening friends

SIZE:General size, glove flexibility good! Gloves 1/2 Wrist diameter: 7cm,Stretch 7-8cm .Gloves 1/2 palm diameter: 12cm,Stretch 5cm.

In a word ,these garden gloves will give every gardener what you want from gloves.These make gardening a breeze.

Please do confirm what you ordered is from Foamsky Store.Our brand is Foamsky.
We can insure our product quality and service ,and choose foamsky product.These gloves are suitable for most men, women and teens
Good quality fully Waterproof really comfy quite strong flexible design
Cut Resistant and Natural rubber latex aiming to protect your hands
One pair and the claws are on right hand and cannot be reversed.But we also supply Double-claw gloves in my store.
DISCLAIMER: Only FANSIR provided the quality goods, other seller are not the authorized FANSIR Dealer! If you buy from them you will get a lower quality items or get the items which are not match with the picture’s description that will not be covered under FANSIR Warranty. FANSIR will not be held liable or responsible for any issues related to quality, shipping time, costs, repairs or warranties.

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