Garden Hose 50ft Expandable Hose Strongest with 10 Settings Spray Nozzle Solid Brass Connector Double Latex Core Flexible Garden Hose Water Hose Nozzle Hose Gun for Shower Watering Washing

This Garden Hose is the best choice for you. It is 17ft long when not in use, but designed can be expanded up to 50ft for special needs. The strength fabric casing is light-weight and can be bend easily for different shapes, which is convenient for store and help you save space.
Also, This Garden Hose is designed with high quality. The 100% natural latex core, high quality polyester casing, and all solid brass fitting, which makes it is durable and can resist the highest level of water pressure.
What’s more, the hose sprayer has 10 settings for various functions, such as water plants, wash off patio, showering pets, wash vehicles, cleaning house etc.

Product Dimensions: Original Length: 17 Feet/Expanding Length: 50 Feet
Color: Black
Weight(without garden sprayer): 2.2 Lbs
Inner Material: 100% natural latex
Outer Layer: High quality polyester
Connector Material: Solid brass
Inside Diameter/Outside Diameter of the Inner Hose: 0.23*0.37 inch
Water Pressure: 0.2-0.6MPa

Warm Tips:
1.Extend the water hose totally, do not let the hose knotted.
2.Best working under water pressure range 0.2-0.6MPa.
3.Adjust the nozzle to avoid leaking.
4.Don’t let the hose rub against the ground frequently.
5.Completely drain water from hose and hang up it when not in use.
6.Store the hose in cool and ventilative place.

Package Included:
1x Garden hose
1x Sprayer
1x Garden hose holder
1x InstructionFlexible Design – Unique designed that can be expanded up to 50ft for special needs and retract down to its 17ft original shape for easy storage. Built-in shut-off brass valve on the end that is convenient to control and ensures no more leaks . All brings you great convenience.
Light-weight and Portable – With only 2.2Lbs in weight, the light-weight garden hose can be easily carried to anywhere for outdoor work. The strength fabric casing can be bend easily for different shapes to handle without any worries.
10 Settings Spray Nozzle – The garden sprayer comes with 10 settings including Center/Full/ Flat/Shower/Cone/Jet/Soaker/Angle/Mist/1/2Vert. It is convenient for car washing, flower watering, house cleaning and pet showering etc. Buy one expandable garden hose will get a free garden hose sprayer plus one garden hoes holder.
Durability and High Quality – Double layer 100% natural latex core, that is extremely durable latex core; Strength outer layer, that is tough fabric made; Solid brass fitting and valve with excellent corrosion resistance and durable quality. New designed hose can safely operate with high water pressure.
Compatibility and Warranty – 3/4 US standard garden tap, suitable for most spray nozzle attachments. Once order our garden hose, we offer 45 days Money Back Guarantee 12 Months Warranty.

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