Garden Hose, Minus-One 50 Ft Expandable Garden Water Hose Set Heavy Duty with 3/4 Inch Nickel Plating Solid Brass Connector, Anti-Rust, Hose Holder Wall Mount, Leaking Protector, Storage Bag, Washers

Minus-One – Inspiration and Innovation for Every Gardener in The World
Do you love the great outdoors? In the spring, flowers filled many of the beds surrounding your house. Simple ways to enjoy gardening, Minus-One expandable hose

Why Choose Us – The Minus-One Water hose?
– Why our brand? Professional master’s in manufacturing leadership
– Why our product? Trust is based on experience: Updated design, anti-rust, 3750D outside Leaking protector, Its solid brass connections are crush resistant and not prone to leaking. We understand heavy duty to mean something that holds up well and is durable – not actually HEAVY!
– Why our service? Smiling and helpful, 24-hour customer support. Nothing is better than a product that does what it says it will, and it’s even better when it’s backed by a 1-year warranty

Helpful Tips on How to Keep It Interesting
– Make sure that the water pressure is 65 to 85 psi
– What are the ideal working temperature for the Garden Hose: 29℉-146℉
– Direct sunlight and high temperatures should be avoided as much as possible

What should I do if I have a problem with water pressure? How to Increase It?
– Inspect your pressure-reducing valve, and it needs to be adjusted correctly
– Install a water pressure booster at the water meter

Time to get out that garden hose and commence to watering those beds and lawns again
Give the gift of a garden, enjoy the benefits of a Minus-One expanding hoseSimple and Interesting: The Minus-One expandable garden hose is durable, yet portable. You will be able to bring this hose around your yard or on the lawn with ease, as it will never bunch up or kink. Made of double layer, heavy duty latex, for maximum strength. This kind black 3/4″ expanding magic water hose plus is the best on the market. Great for watering plants, watering flowers, watering the lawn, washing the car, floor cleaning and pet bathing
Leaking and Broken Protector: This expandable hose was born from much testing, trials and errors, the plastic tail in new design is the protector, it can protect the collapsible shrinks water hose from leaking and broken. The collapsable hose weakness is the connecting parts which double layer tube and solid copper fittings, adding the plastic tail, rubber washers, it can more protective when from hose pipe bending while in use, to protect the part of inner tube and connector
Best Hose Storage Solutions: Do not store water hose in direct sunlight or outdoors in freezing winter, it’s not difficult but there are simple mistakes you must avoid. The retractable, collapsible, extension, lightweight, flexible hose comes with a free storage bag, hose holder wall mount, easy to store, quick connect faucet
Anti-Rust Process Design: The Minus-One black expanding hose plus 50 feet with green environmental design. Upgraded with a 3750D woven fabric outer shell and multiple layer inner tubing. All of the new anti-rust hose pipes come with an updated nickel coating over the solid brass fittings, to prevent leaks and rust. Some competitors may offer be eliminated expandable hose with aluminum fittings or plastic connector end, not solid brass, not anti-rust, not prevent corrosion, without shut off valve
What You Get: Minus-One expandable garden hose 50ft, hose hanger wall mount, storage bag, rubber washers, shut off valve, updated nickel coating solid brass fittings. Our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service,which make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing out it’s quality and durability! Official Minus-One Sling cover available on amazon, garden hose nozzle

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