Garden Hose Nozzle | Crenova HN-03 Spray Nozzle Car Wash Gun Fire Hose Nozzle – 6 Pattern Metal Watering Nozzle – High Pressure Hand Sprayer- Ideal for Washing Dogs, Pets and Car Wash


1. Comfortable Pistol Grip. The front trigger make it very easy to operate;
2. High Pressure. Standard GHT 170 – 250 psi from an input of 40 – 100 psi (the output water flow pressure is at least double from the input the water flow pressure);
3. Leak-Proof. One-Piece Design and a Rubber Hose Washer provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate Leak;
4. 100% Metal (Brass Nozzle, Stainless Iron Trigger, Painted Cast Iron Handle) makes it unbreakable; Much more durable than plastic nozzles;
5. Flexible and Adjustable from fine mist/ moderate spray/ jet stream by rotating the head from left to right;
6. In addition to professional car/ motorcycle washing, garden/ lawn watering; it can also be used to clean bathroom, kitchen, balcony, corridor, carpet, etc.
Product Name : Metal Hose Nozzle ;
Main Material : Metal, Brass;
Nozzle Sprayer Size (Approx.) : 12.5 x 4 x 16cm (L*W*T)
Thread Diameter : 3/4 inch;

Package included:

1 * Metal Spray Nozzle
1 * Brass Quick Connector (Optional for use, if there is no female quick connector on your hose, please unscrew this male quick connector from this nozzle, and connect the nozzle directly with your hose)
1 * Rubber Hose Washer (Already installed)

Warranty: 12 Months Replacement Warranty; 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.Buy nozzle save $10 on 100ft garden hose. Please use code 3VAKK4TJ to buy.

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