Garden Sprinkler, 360° Rotating Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System With Leak Free Design, Easy Hose Connection Garden Irrigation for Lawn, Courtyard, Garden (advanced)

✔It can watering your lawn, plants, flowers, veggies and more.
✔It can be rotated 360 degree to make sprays, the way that it spins, it gets more of the lawn much better.
✔It is very quiet, it sounds like slight rain and sprays like dancing.
✔It can just be used as a fun water activity game for the kids outdoors. Perfectly suit for kids to play with.

✔Product name: Garden Sprinkler
✔Color: All-black sprinkler head + green base
✔Material: ABS engineering plastic
✔Size: 9.36 * 7.02 * 3.9 inches
✔Weight: 0.66lb/ 0.3 kg

✔ANTI-LEAK DESIGN: Brass water outlet features superior tightness, effectively avoiding leakage; guarantees stable water pressure to allow you to water your lawn and plants more efficiently.
✔ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERN:Adjustable Spray Pattern: Adjust the angles of the plate to control the Flow range.With different operation,the sprinkler can cover the lower plants in short distance or higher plants in long distance.The two patterns cover a wide irrigation area which are suitable for lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, roof cooling,etc.
✔HIGH QUALITY: Superior ABS engineering plastics(Metal spring) guarantee the quality of sprinkler.It takes only a few minutes to install a reliable sprinkler.
✔STABLE & DURABLE: 2 heavy-duty metal sticks at the bottom enhance the weight of the product, ensuring stability and keeping it from moving due to high water pressure; high quality thickened ABS materials ensure durability and a long life.
✔EASY TO USE: Simply connect the hose to the sprinkler to use; no complicated installation process; comes with 2 sprinklers and 2 male hose connectors.

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