Garden Starter Kit (Calendula) Grow a Garden by Seed. Germinate Seeds on Your Windowsill then Move to a Patio Planter or Flower Patch. Mini Greenhouse System Makes it Foolproof, Easy and Fun.

The Garden Starter Calendula Kit is easy, convenient and designed for success at any skill level. Great for all ages, get kids involved in growing plants. Easy to follow growing instructions with quality components make it fun to start your garden by seed. No need to buy different products like seeds or messy growing medium. When your seedlings are grown, just plant them directly into a planter or in your garden.

Mini Greenhouse- Seed needs constant moisture to germinate, the sealed lid and clear top ensures moisture and success.

Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters – Seedlings form stronger roots than those grown in traditional seed starting containers due to increased oxygen to the roots. This air exchange also “air-prunes” the roots, resulting in a denser root system. Plants are established quickly because you plant them directly into your garden or planter without the usual transplant shock from yanking roots out of a seed starting container.

OUTSTANDING VALUE!!! The Mini Greenhouse is high quality and durable so you can use it again and again.

Impressive Calendula Kit with premium packaging, graphics and instructions make it a great gardening gift for anyone or any occasion.

Contains: 1 Ten Cavity Mini Greenhouse, 10 Fiber Soil Seed Starters, Calendula seed with detailed instructions.

Growing Calendula seed is easy, most importantly the seed needs to stay moist and warm. But we understand sometimes things don’t work out even with your best efforts… no worries. Just drop us an email and we’ll send you more seed to try again if it doesn’t work out the first time. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

Now, Lets Get Growing!

***CHECK OUT OUR STORE! – Click on the blue Window Garden link at top of page*** FASCINATING – Sprouting seed on your windowsill then growing a spectacular Calendula Garden, it’s amazing to see the results! More gratifying than buying plants. Better than a craft or a toy for kids, it’s a science experiment about the miracles of nature and the power of plants.
EASY – Complete with everything you need. Calendula seeds, direct plant seed starters, detailed growing instructions and a mini greenhouse that fits on your windowsill.
SUCCESSFUL SEED GERMINATION – Includes a high quality and reusable mini greenhouse that creates a moist environment needed for reliable seed germination. With a compact size of 10″ x 4″, it’s small enough to place on your windowsill, providing easy access and close monitoring. Short on space? Try a Veg Ledge window shelf and grow it on your window (sold separately).
SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANTING – Includes Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters. Once seedlings have grown, simply insert the entire Seed Starter into an outdoor patio / deck planter or backyard garden. Because there’s no root disturbance, plants are easily established. Couldn’t be easier!
GREAT GARDEN GIFT – It’s the perfect gift for anyone, especially the beginner gardener. Complete with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and easy-to-use components. Give the power of plants to men, women, kids, boys, girls, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s day or Housewarming.

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