Garden Tools Set Pathonor 12 Pieces Gardening Tools Durable Garden Tool Kit Garden Hand Tools with Trowel Pruner Saw Rake Shovel Grass Shear Watering Can Tool Box

This new garden tool set is stainless, eligible and durable with soft rubber handle,ergonomic and lock-in design.
Tools Detail
1.Big Shovel:
Big Shovel is perfect for digging, and transplanting jobs with non slip grip.
2.Big Rake:
Perfect for loosening soils, aerating soil, and mixing soil with fertilizer with non slip grip.
3.Grass Shears:
Long and sharp blade. Perfect for cutting grass, and weeds with lock-in design.
Eligible in cutting branches of bushes, trees and other plants with lock-in design.
5.Folding Saw:
Triple hardened teeth to improve efficiency with folding design for safety and storage.
6.MINI Tip Shovel:
7.MINI Shovel:
8.MINI Rake:
These 3 mini garden tool are perfect substitute for big tools in transplanting small plants(succulent, bonsai plants, flowers). Have fun with and help children with gardening education.
9.Utility Knife:
Sharp blade with rubber-covered handle. Just remove dull part of it to keep it sharp.
10.Spray Bottle:
3 modes (close, linear spraying and mist spraying) Just rotate the sprayer head to change modes to water plants and wet the soil before gardening.
11.Measuring Tape:
10ft metal ruler, two adjustment buttons, easy expansion and contraction.
12.Twist Ties/Cable Tie:
Eco friendly plastic covering and metal wire in side with cutter (just press the metal chip to cut a tie needed easily). keep you plant in a good figure again wind.

1.Big Shovel:11.8inch; Width: 2.9inch
2.Big Rake:11.4inch; Width:2.9inch
3.Grass Shear:11.8inch
4.Pruner: 7.6inch
5.Folding Saw:15.7inch
6.MINI Tip Shovel:8.6inch
7.MINI Shovel: 8.2inch
8.MINI Rake:7inch
9.Utility Knife:7inch
10.Spray Bottle: Height: 7.8inch
11.Measuring Tape:3M/10ft
12.Twist Ties 20M/65.6ft
13.Tool Box:15inch*11inch*3inch
1. MULTIPURPOSE: The 12 hand tools are perfect for all your garden needs, such as digging, weeding, loosening soil, transplanting, watering, sawing, cutting, measuring and fix plants to trellis or stake for indoor and outdoor gardens.
2. GREAT GARDENING GIFT: This new garden tool set is a perfect gift for gardening lovers with a with a molded shell tool box with slots for easy storage and classification.
3. QUALITY MATERIALS: Adopt stainless, eligible and durable metal( Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel).
4. Scientific and Safety Design: A. Tools Handle are ergonomic to save you efforts and improve efficiency. B. lock-in design for better protect and storage of tools.
5. CONSIDERATE DESIGN: A. The Big Shovel, Big Rake, Pruner(thin), Folding Saw and Utility Knife are covered with soft rubber to reduce hand pain when gardening

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