Geneva: Garden of Joy (Brides of Grace Hill Book 1)

Bryn is determined to marry Geneva Rosemont, the beautiful vicar’s daughter in his Welsh parish, despite being nearly engaged to the sensible Elizabeth Berkley. He is young, handsome, fickle where women are concerned, and the arrogant heir to the Palmer shipping fortune.

Geneva’s parents also think she should settle into an idyllic marriage with Bryn, but the precocious Miss Rosemont is passionate about her teaching work at the Cardiff orphan mission and writing. She knows Bryn is not the man God has ordained for her. She is far too strong and independent for the likes of Bryn Palmer, even if he is the best catch in all of Wales.

When Bryn’s indiscretions not only stand in the way of Geneva’s ambitions but lead to a trail of broken hearts and friendships, Geneva is forced to consider accepting her aunt’s invitation to America; a nation on the brink of war thousands of miles from home and cherished family.

Can she walk away from Bryn, a shipping empire, a man destined to inherit a vast fortune, her beloved Welsh family, and sacrifice everything she’s ever known to begin a new life across the Atlantic Ocean? Through one ray of hope, will she dare to believe God has a good plan and a joy filled life in store for her, even in the midst of suffering?

Lisa M. Prysock is an award winning and best selling author of “To Find a Duchess,” “Hannah’s Garden,” “Abigail’s Melody,” “The Redemption of Lady Georgiana,” “Protecting Miss Jenna,” “Persecution & Providence,” “Arise Warrior Princess,” and “The Shoemaker.” Find out more about this author at

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