Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose | Strongest Expanding Premium Quality Triple Latex Core | 48 Ply Strength Tightly Woven Fabric | Corrosion Resistant Brass Fittings with Shut Off Valve (75, Green)

Our expandable hoses are light weight while still being strong and substantial. They are engineered to avoid tangles and kinks. Perfect for watering without dragging a heavy hose. Our expanding garden hose is made from premium quality materials to resist breaking or leaking. Our brass fittings will not rust and are corrosion free. Guaranteed not to leak or rust.LIGHT WEIGHT garden hose. Expands to 75′ and gently retracts to 25′. Very compact for easy storage. Father’s Day is coming! Get yours before they are gone.
PREMIUM BRASS FITTINGS that won’t rust or leak. Hose will not kink, twist or bend.
8 WAY SPRAY NOZZLE. Adjusts to shower, mist, center, flat, cone, soaker, full and angle. Easy to adjust. Easy Grip Handle. Makes your gardening a pleasure.
ATTRACTIVE DUFFLE BAG. Perfect for gifting or storage of your flexible hose and nozzle.
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No questions asked.

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