Heavy-Duty Metal Garden Hose Nozzle – Water Hose Nozzle with 8 Adjustable Watering Patterns by Nifty Grower

Watch that garden grow! If you ask any gardening expert, he or she will tell you the trick to growing a bountiful garden is the type of watering
tools used. Truth is not just any hose nozzle will do. Upgraded to meet ALL watering & washing needs, this sprayer wand is our bestseller!

8 Garden Hose Nozzle Settings (You Choose, You’re In Control)
✅ Flat Spray: for gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs
✅ Rain Shower: recommended setting for washing your pets
✅ Center Spray: targeted spraying for selective watering
✅ Misting Spray: mister is ideal for watering large areas
✅ Rinse Off: quickly & thoroughly rinses soapy suds away
✅ Gentle Cone: perfect for rinsing soap from vehicles
✅ Pressure Jet: reaches long distances for lawn watering
✅ Super Soaker: powerfully fills buckets & watering cans

💎 EASY ADJUST NOZZLE HEAD with 8 Watering Options – Easily Switch Between Spray Settings Depending on The Task At Hand
All you have to do is turn the built-in dial to adjust the flow of water. It makes watering your yard a breeze. Modern convenience at its finest!

💎 ALL COMPONENTS INCLUDED – Universally Compatible, Quickly Attaches to Garden Hose – No Tools or Extra Accessories Required
Comes with heavy duty garden hose nozzle, Ptfe tape, 1 pre-installed connector, 1 pre-installed rubber gasket + 2 bonus no-leak rubber gaskets

💎 HIGHLY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Rust-proof, Leak-proof, Corrosion-Resistant – Dependability You Can Trust – No Better Choice!
Fitted with a handle made out of super strength ABS & TPR materials, our hose attachment sprayer never leaks, corrodes, weakens or cracks.

It’s time to up your growing game. This heavy duty water nozzle is a multi-functional gardening tool that does it all.
Why wait? Don’t delay. Click ‘ADD TO CART‘ to order your multi-way Nifty Grower Garden Hose Nozzle Wand!8 SPRAY SETTINGS FOR ALL PURPOSE USES: Our new 2018 edition sprayer nozzles offer 8 different spraying water patterns for convenience. Easily switch between a Flat, Shower, Center, Mist, Rinse, Cone, Jet & Soaker setting as so needed.
#1 CHOICE FOR GARDENING, LANSCAPING: Designed to never lose pressure & equipped with a pre-installed quick connector, this garden hose attachment is the preferred choice among avid gardening enthusiasts, lawn care specialists & landscapers.
BEST FOR WASHING CARS, PETS & SIDING: Use as a pressure washer nozzle for outdoor cleaning, a sprayer for weed killer or insecticide, a cat or dog washing sprayer or as a nozzle sprayer for car washes. It’s the ultimate multipurpose hose nozzle!
ERGONOMIC HANDLE WITH NON-SLIP GRIP: Shockproof & slip-proof, the handle featured in the design of our bestselling spray nozzle for garden hose fits securely in hand to prevent slipping, sliding & discomfort. No more sore/painful hands.
THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA FOR GARDENERS: Gardeners & nursery owners swear by our 8 way power wand nozzle. A garden essential for gardening moms, dads, wives, friends or neighbors, our sprayer attachment for garden hose makes a great gift.

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