Heqishun Anti-Bird Netting 33Ft x 13Ft Nylon Woven with 100Pcs Nylon Cable Ties Garden Farm Plants Fencing Mesh Fruits Protector Durable Fish Ponds Cover Green

Anti-Bird Netting: 33 Foot x 13 Foot.
Mesh of the Net: 0.39 inch x 0.39 inch.
Nylon Cable Tie: 0.12 inch x 3.9 inch.
Net Weight: 0.28kg
The Nylon Material is Strong but Light-weight, can anti-corrosion, ageing-resistant and anti-oxidation.
The Anti-Bird Netting can be cut freely, so that it can fit most of your Garden, Farm and Fish Ponds.
This Garden Plant Netting can Anti Birds from your Garden without hurting birds. It can also prevent from other animals in your garden or farm. When used in Fish Ponds, it can keep the falling leaves out of Fish Ponds.
This Anti Bird Net is sturdy enough to be reusable. Using in the planting season and get good harvest. Remove it when the growing season ending.
Grow the Strawberries, Raspberries, Grapes, Tomatos, Cherries, Cucumber, Sqush, Flowers, Crops and any other Fruits under this protective domes. Get the excellent harvest!
Stop worrying about the installion, the cable ties will help. They will be the perfect match and increase the speed of installation.
The Nylon Cable Ties can be used not only for tighting up the netting, can also be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, microphone mic, computer cables, and much more. It is ideal for keeping all kinds of cords cables well organized and tidy in place.
1.The size not completely equal to the actual size because of the stretchy material, do not rule out the existence of a margin of error. Stretch can be much bigger.
2.Althougth it is high stretch, do not pull the Netting so hard, or it can actually rip.
3.There might be a bit smell when you received the Netting. Because the scent still do not loose, it will have no odor when it being used.
We give top priority to our quality of the Anti-Bird Netting. If you find the quality of our products unsatisfactory. Please contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.Anti-Bird Netting: 33 Foot x 13 Foot; Mesh of the Net: 0.39 inch x 0.39 inch; Nylon Cable Tie: 0.12 inch x 3.9 inch.
The Anti-Bird Netting is made of Strong and Durable Nylon with high stretch, anti-corrosion, ageing-resistant, anti-oxidation, strong but light-weight. The Nylon Cable Tie is made of made of UL Certified nylon with high toughness, anti-aging, heat & UV Resistant, temperature range -40℃ to 85℃.
Package Included: 1 Piece of Anti-Bird Netting; 100 Pcs Nylon Cable Ties.
Easy to install or you can cut it to any size you need with the scissors. Use the Cable Ties to tight up the Netting. It is easy to zip the cable ties, which makes your netting stronger.
The Anti-Bird Netting can be used in many places. While using in Garden and Farmland, it can resistant to the birds and other animals, protecting your Vegetables, Fruits, Plants and Crops. While using in Fish Ponds, it can cover the fish ponds to prevent from the falling leaves. Now you have a new helper – The Cable Ties. You will never worry about installation.

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