HÖCKLER Outdoor Garden Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer, ABS Plastic – High Pressure. 9 Adjustable Watering Patterns, Perfect Thumb Control! Great for Garden, Car Wash and Showering Pets

Stop Settling for a Low Quality, Leaky Hose End Sprayer

Make watering plants, washing the car and degunking the deck easy and efficient while saving water and staying dry. Simple to use water nozzle design works wonders with 9 super useful spray patterns for all your outdoor needs.

Why Planted Perfect?

  • 100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love this water gun or your money back
  • Easy to use, ergonomic design and trigger
  • 9 watering patterns
  • fits all standard garden hoses
  • Amazing Customer Service – gardeners for life, customers for life

Package included

1 x Hose Nozzle

1 x 3/4″ male adaptor

1 x 1/2″ hose connector (with splash stop system)

1 x 1/2″ hose connector

1 x 3/4″ ~ 1/2″ tap adaptor

Whether you are buying this for yourself or someone else, Höckler Outdoor Garden Hose Nozzle is the best choice. In fact, it is recommended by Amazon for fast shipping, a great price, and a high rating. With a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Place your order today while supplies last.

USE LESS WATER: Without a nozzle, you’ll have water running constantly while the spigot is on. With a nozzle, water will only be running when you are actively trying to water something. Garden hose nozzles also make it easier to run a direct stream of water specifically where it needs to go, and in a spray pattern that works best for a given activity. Nozzles also prevent dirt from splashing around when watering your garden.
EASY TO USE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND TRIGGER: Soft, comfort textured grips and an easy, low resistance front trigger reduce pain and strain, even after hours – HASSLE-FREE Hosing, washing and watering, even with small hands or arthritis.
9 WATERING PATTERNS: Blast away gunk, wash the dogs and water your delicate flowers with well-engineered spray nozzles designed for ALL your outdoor chores. Easily switch between 9 spray patterns of efficient, high flow watering to work your way around the yard – the precisely perfect spray. Sprayer patterns include: Angle, cone, shower, rinse, center, flat, mist, soaker, jet for every watering need.
FITS ALL STANDARD GARDEN HOSES: Our Höckler Hose Nozzle has one 3/4″ male adaptor, 1/2″ hose connector with splash stop system, 3/4″ ~ 1/2″ tap adaptor. All details are made from durable ABS plastic.
GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN: You are making very intelligent decision doing business with our company. We know you’re a big deal, and we’ll only provide you with the finest product and service, or your Money Back! Still have questions? Hit us up, we check every message!

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