HonPaul Lawn Sprinkler Impact Sprinker 360 Degree Rotating Sprinkler Irrigation System Used for Garden Lawn Outdoor Automatic Sprinkler Oscillating Rotary High Impact Sprinkler System Two Different

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Are you tired of manually watering your garden and lawn under the summer sun?

You get to have Guardhome lawn sprinkler!Guardhome sprinkler,360 degree rotating sprinkler irrigation system, with full automatic high efficiency sprinkler system to save your energy and time, lawn sprinkle as summer’s magic assistant!

Note: This product interface is equipped with an interface rubber ring, please be sure to wear to prevent leakage!

♥Stable sprinkler at work: it has a stable base with a rotation of 360 degrees!

♥The spraying range of Sprinkler: Wide to 3600 square feet!

♥The spraying distance of Sprinkler: up to 32.8 square feet. (the maximum water pressure is 80 PSI)!

The package:

♥A sprinkler base

♥Two lawn sprinkler sprinklers

♥One manual of sprinkler

The brand of product:

♥Inch: 7.6 * 9.3 * 11.3

♥Material: ABS + plastic

The introduction of product:

♥Two kinds of sprinkler with different effects!lawn sprinkle 360 degree rotating with the most excellent coverage!

♥lawn sprinkle A variety of sprinkler modes make it more interesting!

♥lawn sprinkle Used for garden, lawn, agriculture, flowers, vegetables, bridge maintenance, roof cooling!

♥lawn sprinkle It can also be used as an interesting water activity for children to make them enjoy happy time!

Sprinkler Usage:sprinkler with a 1 base, 2 sprinkler heads, 1 product manual! Outdoor sprinkler is used for garden watering, lawn irrigation, agricultural irrigation, bridge maintenance, roof cooling. lawn sprinkle The 2 fully automatic 360 degree rotating sprinkler irrigation system used to irrigate your whole yard, for children’s playing, to create afternoon pastime for your family, lawn sprinkle as summer’s magic assistant!
Lawn Sprinkler Features: Send two kinds of sprinkler, the first kind: three-arm rotating sprinkler, a total of 12 built-in nozzles, with wide spray range and gentle spraying! The second kind: impact sprinker, with huge spray distance and huge spray impact spray! The two sprinkle kinds of spray distance can reach 26-32.8 feet, which can cover 3600 square feet, and the maximum water pressure is 80 PSI, sprinkle which could be used more than one sprinkler.
Impact Sprinker Quality:lawn sprinkler is designed by the streamline with a butterfly shaped base. It transfers the airflow generated by the arm to the position of downward pressure and presses the base to the ground. It ensures that your yard sprinkler will always remain in one position and will never flip. It is made of high quality ABS plastic and antirust polymer. Quality guarantee and comfortable use.
The Simple Operation Of Sprinkler: 1. pick up lawn sprinklers heel base, 2. Helix Interface connects sprinklers for garden base, 3. sprinkler connect the inlet interface to the hose then to use! Sprinkler The product is equipped with manual, which is more convenient for you to install and use. Note: The interface of this product is equipped with an interface rubber ring, please be sure to wear it to prevent water leakage!
This Product, Guardhome sprinkler, will provide lifelong maintenance. Please refer to the image and packaging for details. The brand Guardhome sprinkler is provided brand protection. Please note that no other person has been authorized to use the Guardhome brand for your satisfaction 100%. If you are not satisfied with our sprinkler products, please contact us. We will refund your money. The full refund guarantee ensures that it will become your risk-free purchase for Guardhome sprinkler.

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