Houseables 5 Tier Planter, Stackable, 28″ H x 12″ W, Polypropylene, Terracotta, Vertical, Self-Watering, 5-Tiered Pots, Indoor/Outdoor Strawberry Garden Kit, for Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, Gardening

Vertical indoor/outdoor gardening for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more

A unique space saving method for growing a variety of berries, vegetables, plants, and herbs indoors or outdoors – even out of season. Each level of planter contains three pots – 12″ (w) x 12.5″ (L) x 6″ (h) – to resemble a three-leaf clover of sorts. The tiers stack one atop the other in a zigzag fashion. Once fully vertical, the planter reaches 27″ high (approximately 2.25-feet). With solid depth in each pocket (holds 24 quarts of soil altogether), you can successfully grow up to 15 plants total with each 5-tier set you purchase.

Constructed from strong, flexible, and lightweight plastic.

Planter tiered sets are both easy to stack and to separate. Water the top tier and the water will drain out from the bottom and cascade onto the remaining tiers below. This type of flow-through design prevents over watering and nasty root rot. It is a surprisingly efficient and water-saving method of hydrating your plants and berries. The saucer base at the bottom tier catches dripping and helps prevent water filled with soil residue from getting onto your floor or carpet when you have your planters indoors.

For beginners or seasoned gardeners

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, so growers of all levels can grow their favorite berries and plants out of season (making cold weather far less of a problem). This vertical growing system is a unique indoor gardening option for all of your favorites, such as strawberries, lettuce, onions, radishes, and more. Plant a variety of flowers that have a tendency to mature well in small planting spaces, such as petunias, begonias, marigolds, succulents, and cacti.

FIVE-TIERED VERTICAL INDOOR PLANTER: Terracotta brownish-red colored multi-tiered planter stacks made of durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking for outdoor and indoor use. Hang them from ceilings, outside on your porch or patio balconies, or keep them freestanding on any flat surface.
GREAT STARTER SET: Stackable planters serve as great starter sets for growing delicious strawberries, lush flowers, and flavorful herbs for seasonings. For growers of all ages and skill levels, this planter is ideal for small spaces that lack traditional garden spaces, such as apartments and urban environments.
SELF-WATERING SYSTEM: All five layers in total will reach about 27″ tall, approximately 2.25-feet. Each of the planter pockets have built-in watering reservoirs of sorts – drainage grids that allow water to trickle down onto the tier below it, until finally collecting in the saucer tray at the very bottom for convenient self-watering. This prevents over watering and dreaded root rot.
STACK, SEPARATE OR HANG: Each layer has room for three small plants (with five layers you can plant up to 15 plants in total). Planter material withstands a remarkably wide 100° temperature range without performance issues. Each three-pot planter is separable from the others so you can place them all over, keep them stacked together in one vertical location, or suspend vertically via chains or grids (not included).
PLANT THE SEEDS OF SOMETHING GREAT: Use these attractive planters to kick-start the garden of your dreams. Just add soil, seeds, and water, and watch your lovely green friends sprout!

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