IEKA Expandable Garden Hose, 25FT Lightweight&Strongest Flexible Expanding Garden Hose Kit, Heavy Duty Pressure Water Hose Satisfy For Cleaning, Lawn And All Watering Needs(Blue)



❤Small size, lightweight, easy to store, super convenient storage.
❤Easy to install, easy to disassemble, save time and effort, and quick installation.
❤Do not need electricity, internal high pressure, can be sprayed to a long distance.
❤Anti-aging, cold-resistant, folding-resistant, anti-sun, anti-distortion, to ensure the service life of the water pipe.
❤Rotary spray adjustment design, there are seven kinds of patterns can be presented: thick columnar, forest pre-cones, cone-shaped, thin columnar, multi-point line, fan shape, fog.
❤Water pipe with 3 times the magic of automatic expansion: After the water can be automatically extended 3 times, automatically close the original water length retracted water.
❤The humanized design of the spray gun, attention to detail, spray ring ring metal ring can effectively support the switch, so as to achieve automatic long-term water spray, more labor-saving.
❤The elderly and children can be used, and can be used for car cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, floors and other cleaning, landscape gardening spray, home health and cleaning purposes.

【Product Details】:

1) Weight: 25FT: 0.8lb (380g) / 50FT: 1.43lb (650g) / 75FT: 1.65lb (748g)
2) Multiple Choices:
25FT: 2.5M, 7.5M (after extension)
50FT: 5M , 15.2M (after extension)
75FT: 7.5M, 22.5M (after extension)


1. Do not use hot water. Do not use water after water injection.
2. After connecting the faucet, please do not open the faucet too much.
3. Do not use sharp objects to touch the outer skin of the plastic hose to prevent damage to the body.
4. After each use, please release all the remaining water in the tube, then roll it up and dry it to extend the service life of the hose.


MAGIC STRETCHABILITY – The garden hose has the magical function of 3 times automatic retracting: After the water is turned on, the water will pressure the latex pipe. When the faucet is opened, the garden hose will automatically extend 3 times; after the water is turned off, the garden hose will automatically retract the original length.
PREMIUM QUALITY – Explosion-proof braided tube wrapped with highly elastic plastic tube, high density cloth cover, no tie, no hard, frost protection, leak-proof, anti-sun, anti-twist,super durable. Internal pressure, far range. Built to last, this hose doesn’t burst under strong amounts of water pressure, to meet your gardening needs from seed to shrub.
SAVE SPACE – Lightweight, small size, easy to carry. After storage, the garden hose is small and can be carried by one hand. When it does not use, the water in lawn hose needs to be drained before being placed in bag.Easy to take out and store,don’t worry about the place is not enough, easy to solve the messy problem
GOOD FLEXIBILITY – This garden hose is flexible enough to water around the corners of your garden without splitting, and does not tangle, twist and kink. For car cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, floor cleaning, gardening, gardening, spraying, household hygiene, etc.
VERSATILE USED – The garden hose with seven functions of water gun heads, it can squirt out different water shapes, you can meet all your watering needs. The annular metal ring at the sprinkler head can effectively support the switch, so as to achieve automatic long-term water spray, which is more labor-saving.

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