ikris Garden Hose Wand One-Touch Sprayer with Adjustable Head, 18″

The ikris hose wand has it all! The extra length, coupled with the adjustable 180° ratcheting head allows easy watering in hard to reach areas. With our innovative Thumb Control technology, switch from a full torrent to a gentle shower all with one hand! Thumb Control replaces the traditional squeeze-action trigger, enabling extended watering sessions to without any hand cramps.

Don’t hesitate – Add this versatile hose wand to your collection of gardening tools now, or give it as a gift to a friend with a green thumb!

Shut off the lead valve when not in use
Avoid Freezing temperatures – empty hose wand at the end of the season and store in a cool, dry place.
Do not overtighten connector.
Read all directions and instructions before using this product.
Use only as directed.
Fits all standard U.S. hose thread connections (3/4″).
Avoid dropping on floor.
For the most up to date information, directions, and care, please visit www.ikris.netEverything in Reach: Hose Wand allows you to water Over, Under, and Around where traditional nozzles can’t reach.
Versatility: Water vertical, hanging, and wall planters with ease! Reach into shrubs and bushes to ensure everything is watered thoroughly! Ratcheting head provides 180° of watering freedom! Includes the Shower and Soaker patterns!
No Squeeze: Thumb Control technology means you activate a lever only once to engage in continuous watering – no more hand strain from squeezing handles!
Adjustable Pressure: Unlike traditional wands where a squeeze produces a forceful spray, the adjustable lever allows gentle showers on delicate flowers and plants from beginning to end.
Guaranteed 100%: We sell only high-quality products, and stand by them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us prove it to you today – try the ikris Hose Wand in situations where others have failed!

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