INDOOR Waterproof 12 Pocket Vertical Living Green Wall Planter

We have a vertical wall planter made just for your indoor garden! Lined in the back and wrapped around the bottom, it won’t leak water on your walls and floor like the felt backed ones. Grow your own art piece or herb garden for your kitchen. This is perfect for the home, or office. Indoor Living Walls clean the air and creat beauty. Now you can have fresh herbs or beautiful plants year-round. Our planters are backed with a thick, sturdy plastic that wraps around underneath to prevent water from leaking on your walls or floor. Dimensions: 29″ width X 33″ high 12 pockets, each 9.5″ width X 8″ high Comes in Black onlyDesigned specifically for indoors! WATERPROOF Lined with thick plastic on the back and bottom to prevent leakage.
SUPER easy! You can put plants in their pots right in the pocket, or plant directly in pocket.
Easy to use, light weight, high quality, non-toxic, feels like soft felt.
Two sturdy hanging loops at the top for easy hanging. Just place a screw in the wall and hang!
Made from 100% Recycled PET plastic bottles

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