Meditool No Leak 4 Gallon Pressure Sprayer Knapsack,16L Pump Backpack Sprayer For Lawns and Gardens, Fruit Trees, Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides, and Car Wash

Product Description:
Capacity: 16L/4 G
Hose Length: 121cm/47.2inch
Wand Length:70cm/27.3inch
Nozzle Diameter: 2cm/0.78inch
Top Hole Diameter:11cm/4.3inch
Full Size: 34 x 17.5 x 51.5cm/13.3 x 6.8 x 20.1inch (L x W x H)
Package Content: 1 x Pressure Sprayer( With Accesaries), 1 x Manual

How to operate?(1-8 steps)
★ 1. Ensure the backsprayer is empty, adjust the shoulder straps and ensure the backpack sprayer fits comfortably before filling compartment with water
★ 2. Whilst removing the filler cap, ensure the filter remains in place. Fill the compartment to the desired level, DO NOT exced the maximum fill level.
★ 3. Once the desired level is reached screw the filter cap firmly on to create an airtight seal
★ 4. Securely fit the sprayer onto your back and remove the sprayer lance from its holder.
★ 5. Pump the handle for up to 6-8 times to preduce the pressure required in the compartment. Once the pressure sprayer is pressurised it is ready for operation.
★ 6. Depress the tigger on the lance handle to allow spraying to comence.
★ 7. Depending on the type of spray required, you can operate the sprayer with a single jet nozzle, twin head single jet nozzle or a 4 jet nozzle.
★ 8. Maintaining pressure whilst spraying can be achieved with 2-3 pumps of the handle during 10-15 seconds of spraying

1.Apply chemical agents such as disinfectant, and pay attention to cleaning.It is not recommended to use corrosive spray, which may cause damage to the sprayer.If you must spray the liquid, please clean it after use.
2.Water injection shall not exceed the water level of the bottle
NO LEAK INTERNAL PUMP —– The internal pump does the work of a piston or diaphragm backpack sprayer but also keeps your back dry.
FILTRATION BASKET —– Large tank opening with filtration basket keeps large debris out of tank while filling.
VITON SEALS AND GASKETS —– The highest quality Viton seals throughout for maximum chemical resistance. Perfect for herbicides, weed killers, insecticides, fertilizers, and more.
3 DIFFERENT NOZZLES —– Coming with 3 Different Nozzles, which are conical double nozzles,conical single nozzle and porous nozzle.So you have more choices to use the pressure sprayer knapsack to make your life better.
PRODUCT DETAILS —– Nozzle Diameter: 2cm/0.78inch; Top hole diameter: 11cm/4.3inch;Hose Length: 121cm / 47.2inch; Wand Length: 70cm / 27.3inch.

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