MOFIR Garden Genie Gloves 2 Pack With 4 ABS Claws | Breathable, Waterproof Nitrile & Thorn Resistant Working Gloves For Women & Men | For Digging, Planting, Composting, Outdoor Work & More

Keep Your Hands Youthful & Beautiful Even While Gardening! How To Do So?

With MOFIR Garden Gloves Of Course!

Sick and tired of cheaply made and easily torn apart gardening gloves?

Looking for an ergonomic pair of gloves that fits both you and your partner?

Worrying about soil borne and bacterial infections when gardening?

Nodding, right?

Presenting the most durable garden gloves. Designed to protect your precious hands, withstand heavy duty use and prevent nasty cuts.

Cut, Dig, Prune, Break Sticks, Apply Mulch, & More … We Made Gardening Easy For YOU!

Ohh those hands… They go through a lot all day long. Keep them beautiful and smooth without hard palms, splinters or even skin allergies!

Do not compromise with anything else than perfection when picking your working and gardening gloves.

A great pair of gloves like this, will not only protect you from cuts and pricks from thorns but will also keep your hands soft and in shape.

When working with wet soil and plants, these gloves will protect your hands from mud and keep them dry and clean. Plus, when the weather is cold, they will keep your hands warm.

Save your finger nails from breaking as well.

Forget about finger splitting! Forget about dirty nails. Forget about insect bites.

5 More Reasons Why These Garden Gloves Are An Absolute Must Have:

• Durable, water resistant and breathable Nitrile and Nylon.

• Elastic, ergonomic, and comfortable gloves. One size fits all!

• Prevent cuts, bacterial infections and skin rashes.

• Protect hands from cold, sun, cuts, thorns, scratches, and dirt.

• Prune, cut, dig, handle tools, work, compost, plant, and more.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS HANDS: Forget about nasty thorn scratches, deep wounds and skin irritations from this day on. Forget about messy and dirty hands or broken fingernails as well. With MOFIR gardening gloves of course! Facilitate pruning and digging, improve your gardening skills and keep your garden flawless from now on.
WITHSTAND THORNS, DIRT & SCRATCHES: Thanks to their excellent craftsmanship, these working gloves combine both breathable Nylon and waterproof Nitrile. Put them on and enjoy safe gardening experiences. Protect your hands from accidental cuts, constant sweating, pesky bug, broken sticks, scratches, thorn punctures, and pricks
DESIGNED TO FIT YOU ALL: Designed with your endless comfort in mind, these gardening gloves have an ergonomic size so as to fit almost all people. Ideal for men, women and older kids as well. Have fun together while gardening and teach your kids useful information about how to plant flowers, pruning, and composting!
DISCOVER THEIR MANY USES: Our gardening gloves come in a 2 pack. More gloves, more gardening fun for you and your beloved ones. They are great for gardening, weeding clearing leaves, planting flowers and herbs, rose pruning, water chores, outdoor constructions, and more. Keep your flower bed, pots and lawn blooming in all seasons.
GET THIS 2 PACK & BONUS CLAWS TODAY: Save your precious time and hard earned money with this double pair of waterproof gardening gloves. They come with bonus 4 ABS claws that will make digging a breeze. Designed to fit on your right hand, put them on and start digging. These gloves are elastic, flexible and extremely lightweight.

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