Mr. Sprout Organic Sunflower Growing Kit: Seed Starter Kit – Easily Grow Sunflower Seeds with this Indoor Garden Starter Kit (Plant Growing Kit) – Flower Kit Makes Fun Family Gifts & Projects

“Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Give friends and family the GIFT of NEW LIFE with our sunflower seed growing kit! TEACH KIDS RESPONSIBILITY
and give adults the luxury of having a GARDEN FULL OF LIFE !

Mr. Sprout Garden Starter Kits are 100%:
    ✔   Recyclable🌱
    ✔   Family Approved 👪
    ✔   Eco-friendly🌱
    ✔   Beginner Friendly👍
    ✔   Ethically Sourced🌱

Your Seed Growing Kit Includes:
   1   x   Grower’s Guide
   2   x    Sunflower Seed Packets: Dwarf Sungold & Mammoth Sunflower
   5   x   Plant Tags
   5   x   Biodegradable Peat Pots
   5   x   Compressed Soil Pellets

Give a Mr. Sprout & Co. Garden Kit as a THOUGHTFUL GIFT your loved ones will NEVER FORGET!
ANYONE can experience the WONDER of watching life’s journey from SEED to GARDEN with MR. SPROUT! ✔ IMAGINE THE LUXURY OF HAVING BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWERS IN YOUR GARDEN! Mr. Sprout’s ALL-IN-ONE sunflower growing kit allows you to grow gorgeous flowers that yield EDIBLE SEEDS! Everything you need in one easy to use, beginner friendly kit!
✔ EXPERIENCE THE MIRACLE OF LIFE with this premium seed starter kit! GREAT GIFT OR FUN FAMILY PROJECT! Perfect for ALL AGES: men, women, children, seniors, him or her!
✔ENJOY THE HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE ON THE MARKET! We include OVER 14X the seeds of our competitors, ensuring you won’t experience the growth problems associated with other growing kits! Mr. Sprout’s pot sizes are also NOT TOO BIG, ensuring the PERFECT environment for your sunflower seeds!
✔ KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES HEALTHY with our 100% untreated, organic, heirloom, non-GMO, open-pollinated sunflower seeds. Kits include 2 SUNFLOWER VARIETIES: Dwarf Sungolds & Mammoth Sunflowers. PROUDLY GROWN IN THE USA by local farmers!
✔ FEEL SECURE WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you aren’t satisfied with your indoor garden kit, just let us know and we will happily refund your order or send you a new one. NO PROBLEM – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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