Murder in the Gardens

Rocco DeAngelis doesn’t know what to do with his forced retirement. A career criminal mastermind who eventually became the best in the business in now lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As Rocco looks at a life of tranquil relaxation, he balks. It’s time he got back in the business.

Unfortunately for the Gardens, that business just happens to be organized crime and high-end heists. Rocco was the best thief in New York City before a prison sentence ended his career. Now, he’s on the prowl for anything the Gardens has to offer. It’s a community full of rich people, and Rocco simply can’t resist the temptation.

Rocco recruits some locals for his latest heist but his plan backfires when his old associates conspire with the New York Russian mob. However, that’s nothing compared to his arch nemesis, the tenacious ex-detective Diomede Bosso. When Dio follows Rocco to Florida, the former detective starts a surprising romance with a local police officer. He isn’t the only one who finds love later in life. Both Rocco and Dio discover that second chances wait then in the Sunshine State.

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