Scuddles gardening tool set (Green)

HIGHEST QUALITY – These Garden Tools are made of the Highest quality solid polished Aluminum which are sharpened for small or larger gardens alike.
FEATURES – Scuddles Garden Tools Set Includes shovel, Rake, fork, weeding tool, 25 Oz Garden Sprayer To keep your plants and flowers hydrated, And Pair garden gloves that fits on medium and large hands.
SOLID GRIP – Each garden tool Offers Great support and grip for the hand therefore reducing extra pressure or fatigue.
LARGE SIZE – Scuddles This bag with tools Gives you Plenty of room to fill the Tote bag with grass seeds soil or any other additional garden supplies that are needed while Planting.
MULTIPLE USES: This tote bag Has multiple pockets and made of solid Polyester great to hold different kinds of Garden tools to make your work easy. Machine washable

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