Sharkbite 25560LFA Washing Machine Angle Valve, 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch MHT Garden Hose Valve, Push-to-connect Copper, PEX, CPVC, PE-RT Pipe

SharkBite Washing Machine Angle Valve
The SharkBite lead free brass washing machine angle valve is a quarter turn angle water valve with mounting brackets. Intended for use in washing machine installations with no washing machine outlet box. This valve controls water supply and minimizes the risk of flooding. The valve is mounted to a stud or joist and features a 1/2″ inlet and a 3/4″ standard garden hose thread outlet connection.

The SharkBite Connection System makes any plumbing project fast and easy with our unique push-to-connect technology. When you insert a pipe into the SharkBite quick connect fittings, the stainless steel teeth bite down and grip the pipe, while the specially formulated O-ring compresses to create the perfect watertight seal. No soldering, no clamps, no glue.

Our product works with your existing plumbing, is easy to disassemble for changing and reusing fittings, and can be rotated for easier installation in tight spaces. Perfect for joining Copper, PEX, CPVC or PE-RT pipe, SharkBite is the no fuss way to fix small leaks or plumb a whole house. Whether you need to repair a broken pipe or plumb a whole house, SharkBite fittings are the push-to-connect solution for leak-free results.

INSTALLS IN SECONDS: 1/4 turn washing machine angle hose valve requires no special tools, no soldering, no crimping, unions or glue. Just push to create a watertight seal
COPPER, PEX, CPVC: SharkBite fittings fit copper tubing, CPVC, PEX or PE-RT
QUALITY: Only SharkBite’s quality and performance is field-proven with more than 550 million connections. SharkBite is the only push-to-connect brand than can ensure a clean, leak-free connection
CERTIFIED: SharkBite fittings are certified to 200 PSI and 200°F and can be reused up to four times
RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL: All SharkBite fittings meet the same standards for commercial and residential plumbing applications

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