Sod Garden Staples Galvanized – 110 Anti-Rust Lawn and Yard Fabric U-Shaped Stakes – 6 Inch 11 Gauge Heavy-Duty Landscape Pins – Ground Pegs for Weed Barrier, Doge Fence, Plant Cages from GloryTec

Glorytec’s ground anchors are not only helpful for gardening work but they also go easy on the used films and weed fabrics since they come without barbs. By removing and repositioning the ground anchors you won’t damage the films and weed fabrics.

With a length of 6” and a width of 0,89” you can apply any kind of anti-weed fabric to the ground. You will get 110 ground anchors from us with a diameter of 0,1”. They are also suitable for attaching hoses, pipes, etc.

Do you have any questions, problems or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.✅ GALVANIZED STEEL – ANTI-RUST – Rust proof through galvanization – Perfect fit for hoses and cables through rounded head – Premium Quality from GloryTec
✅ PROFESSIONAL LENGHT – HEAVY DUTY STEEL – Professional 6 Inch Length – Strong 11 gauge steel – Crafted to simplfy your outdoor and landscaping projects. Beware of dissapointing results from cheaper 4 inch staples that doesn’t hold!
✅ NUMEROUS USES – To anchor everthing you need: Holds down landscape fabric, pet and dog fence, garden fabric, lawn barriers, soaker hose, sod, erosion control fabrics, weed barrier, floral decor, pet fences, chicken wire and many more uses.
✅ ROBUST CONSTRUCTION – 11 Guage 6″x1″x6″ Commercial Grade – Trapezoidal design for additional tension in the soil – Beveled endings for quick and secure mounting in the ground
✅ BEST VALUE – 10 STAPLES EXTRA – We offer you 110 high quality garden Staples instead of 100 like other providers – at the same price – you get 10 pieces extra! Depending on our current stock the sod staples will be delivered with either a round or an angular headpiece. A specific selection is not possible.

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