Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Pump 1.4W Floating Solar Panel Fountain Water Pumps Kit Outdoor Birdbath Water Fountain Pump for Pond, Pool, Patio and Garden Decoration

Solar panel: 7V/1.4W
Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-10V; DC Brushless Pump Power: 0.8W
Solar panel diameter: 6.3″(16cm)
Max water flow height: 18″ / Regular:10~15″; Max water coverage: 32″(80cm) in diameter
Max pump flow: 40gallons/H
Min water depth in fountain: 1 3/4″
★Solar powered completely, no battery or wire needed, Eco-friendly and saving energy.
★Easy to use, floating it on the water and ensure solar panel get full sunlight, spray beautiful water flow in 3 seconds automatically.
★Assemble sprayer heads combination for different water patterns, allow you choose perfect water pattern that suitable for your demand.
★Ideal decoration for birdbath, fish tank, pond, pool. Small size allow you take with you anywhere to enjoy water funny.

1.Due to the fountain pump was solar powered completely, there hasn’t battery to store energy, Please make sure the solar panel can get direct sunlight(No Shadow or Cloud).
2.The stronger sunlight the higher water flow, Please be sure to put enough water in the fountain to avoid water spray out from basin.
3.Please don’t let the pump working without water for long time, or the pump bottom maybe wear and shorten the lifespan.
4.Please keep water and pump clean regularly to avoid any dirty or debris to block the pump.
5.Keep the surface of solar panel clean to improve the absorption efficiency of the solar panel.

If you has a small birdbath and the water flow is too high and always spray out, please try to following methods:
★Change a small sprayer head to lower the water flow height.
★Secure the pump on the center of the birdbath via sucker and line(included) to avoid pump floats to the edge of birdbath and spray out water.
★Shade some solar panel to influence solar power absorption efficiency(the less solar energy, the lower water flow).
Eco-Friendly Solar Fountain Pump: Made up of highly efficient solar panel, solar powered completely, no battery or electricity needed, Eco-Friendly and saving energy. Note: No battery to store solar energy, the stronger sunlight the better work.
Enjoy Different Water Flow Pattern: Offer 8 kinds of sprayer combination via 7 Fittings. let you enjoy different water pattern and choose the one you prefer.
Easy to use and Start Fast: Let the pump kit floats on the water, the floating fountain pump will run automatically in 3s once the solar panel gain sunlight.
Multi-Application: The solar powered fountain pump is perfect for Bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen. Small size allow you take the cute fountain pump with you anywhere to enjoy water funny.
What’s Your Get: A solar powered fountain pump kit with all parts, user manual, 100% warranty and friendly customer service. If you have any questions about it, welcome to contact us.

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