Solar Powered Owl Light Decoration- Ultra Durable Polyresin- Highest Capacity Battery- Intricate Detailing- Wireless Outdoor Accent Lighting- Best Decor Ornament for Garden/ Patio/ Yard (Bronze Brown)


Spruce up your Space

This intricate solar garden owl is all about giving your compound a touch of total beauty! The masterful detailing
and stunning bronze brown color with beautiful shading is guaranteed to make anyone do a double take whether
you place it in your garden, porch or patio. And when dusk creeps in, this solar powered figurine automatically
produces a warm amber glow for up to an unmatched 8 hours. Since the owl light is fully solar powered, you can
kiss sky-high power bills and the hassle of replacing batteries goodbye!

You’re in for durability that lasts through anything the weather decides to throw at it! Unlike stainless steel
statues that easily rust or plastic ones that constantly crack, the ultra-tough polyresin on this decorative owl
statue can withstand the heat of summer, cold of winter, or the rains in between, without rusting or chipping.
The weatherproof housing also perfectly shields the electrical components from the elements, ensuring that
the ornament lights without fail every single night; you’ll never have to replace the LED bulbs ever!

Here’s what makes this LED garden statue a great buy:

– Beautiful mix of detail and color to make for a gorgeous decoration.

– High quality polycrystalline solar panel works even in low-light conditions.

– 300mAh battery provides up to 8 hours of power on a full charge.

– Built-in photocell that automatically turns the figurine on and off.

– Weatherproof body that is CE and ROHS certified for total durability.

Count on Solario’s LED solar owl light for durability that is unmatched, functionality that is second to none,
and beauty that’ll give your space incomparable charm. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

  • ★ EXPERIENCE ALL THE BEAUTY: You’ll love the intricate detailing on this solar garden owl ornament, designed to wow everyone during the day. And when night sets in, it emits a lovely warm amber glow that will stand out in your compound and take LED accent lighting to breathtaking levels.
    • ★ NO MORE POWER BILLS: This garden solar white owl light is 100% solar powered! So that means zero power bills. And zero hassle of running power cables outdoors. It is fitted with a 300mAh NiMH battery, one of the highest capacities in the market, offering up to 8 hours of operation.
      • ★ STRESS FREE OPERATION: You can just kick back, relax, and let technology do all the work! An in-built photocell automatically turns the garden accent statue on at dusk and off at dawn, unlike manually operated accent lights that place the burden of operating it completely on you.
        • ★ NO RISK OF RUSTING: With the body entirely made using ultra-durable polyresin, you’ll never experience rusting or any kind of decay once it rains. The owl garden statue is completely weatherproof, withstanding harsh heat, moisture, or freezing weather while still remaining intact.
          • ★ HIGHLY PORTABLE DESIGN: There are no wires whatsoever or complex installation procedures required to install the outdoor garden figurines. Whether you want to place it on the ledge by your patio, among the flowers in your garden, or on the yard for all to see, it’s all up to you. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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