Sturdy Metal Garden Stakes 4 Ft Plastic Coated Steel Tube Plant Sticks,Pack of 25

4 Ft Heavy-Duty Plastic-Coated Steel Sturdy Stake
TREFFORD’S sturdy garden stakes help promote healthy plants and gardens

Steel core plastic coating
100% New
Length :4Ft;Diameter:0.44Inch

Sturdy garden stakes with plastic coating good for holding plants up,sealed tips with point for easy insertion into soil.
Steel core for lasting strength. Premier garden stakes. Tough, thick plastic coating. Weather, chemical and rust proof.
Designed with ribbed sides to help keep ties in place, these stakes are also sealed at the tips to ensure they are easy to drive into most garden soils.
Green plastic coated plant stakes with a steel core. Rustproof with water tight closures on both ends, won’t rot or split. Lightweight for indoor or outdoor use. Spurs on stake provide easy tying and prevent vine slip down

Sturdy stakes x25ITEM SIZE:4ft length,0.43 inch diameter, each package contains 25 stakes.
Steel core for strength and sturdy,Provide strong support for growing plants and trees.
Works for tomato stakes,plant supporting, eggplant stakes, pole bean stakes, tree stakes,great for building trellises or teepees for natural climbing plant support
Stakes core with green plastic coating for weather and rust protection.Spurs prevent slippage.
Green color of plastic will not come off on your hands when they get wet,it will keep your hands clean.

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