Tierra Garden 50-5000 Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel Garden Cloche, Giant

Can’t wait to get out in the garden for an early start on planting spring vegetables? The Haxnicks Giant Easy Poly Tunnel is your answer! Use it for larger plants or to cover a double row. It warms the soils & provides protection against harsh weather and pests. Generous size – 9.8 feet long, 24 Inch wide, 18 Inch high. Great for larger plants or cover a double row. Also availalbe in smaller size, as well as other materials. For nearly 20 years, the Haxnicks company has been designing and manufacturing innovative garden care and plant protection products for their customers in England. Tierra Garden is proud to offer this distinctive line in the United States.Forms a complete barrier retaining warmth and humidity, warms the soil enabling earlier planting, and protects against harsh weather, animals, and insects.
Quick and easy to use, Easy Tunnels are manufactured as a patented, one-piece design that open like an accordian and fold neatly away after use; it’s a breeze to setup and put away!
Made from long-lasting UV-stabilized, 150 micron heavy-duty polyethylene with rust-proof, galvanized steel hoops, which easily go into the ground to secure and keep the tunnel in position.
Drawstring ends allow access and degree of desired ventilation for your plants; steel hoops allow you to use the entire length of the tunnel or set it up to your desired length.
Dimensions: 118″L x 24″W x 18″H; also available in smaller size and other materials

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