VOCATIONAL KITTY 2 Pack Hand Pruners For Garden, Garden Shears For Garden, Tree Clippers For Garden, Professional 1 Inch Sharp Bypass Tree Trimmers

VOCATIONAL KITTY has been focused on gardening tools supplying for more than 5 years.

If you are dissatisfied with our hand pruner, we will provide free returns or money complete money back. But this chance is very minimal because you will like it aft r you’ve tried it for a while.
We do think the best choice for you is our 8.5 inches Bypass Pruner because it has all of the features needed from a durable, easy-to-use, and efficient tree pruner. It can easily cut through thick branches, it doesn’t slip, and you can use it for hours without straining your hands and arms. If you want the best pruning experience, this one’s the best you can get.

High Performance & Durability
– Ideal pruner for light applications
– Recommended cutting capacity is from 1 to 1/8 inches
– Features strong carbon stainless steel titanium plated blades
-Non slip handle with safety lock
– 8.5-inch total length
– Weighs only 17-ounce!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Tree Pruners?
1. Safety
2. Easier Pruning
3. Adds Beauty to the Surroundings
4. Helps Other Plants to Be Healthier

How To Use Tree Pruners The Right Way?
1. Only Use Pruners Which Have Sharp Blades
It will take up a lot of time in pruning if you’re using a pruner with dull blades because you can’t easily cut through the tree’s twigs.
2. Don’t Prune Too Much
When pruning, it is important to remember that you should never cut too close to the tree. This is because the tree will heal much quicker if its base has been removed. Though it might be tempting to cut the entire length of the twig, it isn’t recommended because it doesn’t work that way.
3. Don’t Prune When You’re Tired
If you feel exhausted, stop what you’re doing and stretch your muscles. It’s best if you take a break every 15 to 20 minutes.SHARP BYPASS BLADE. This bypass pruning shear has is enforced with sharp edges and strong titanium blades. It is made of hard quality steel and titanium blades, a strong cutting capacity can cut the branches in thickness from 1 inch to 1/8 inch effortless. It is deal for cutting stems and light branches.
VERY DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. It doesn’t show any signs of deterioration even if you consistently use it. Even its length is 8.5 inches, but with light weight 17 ounce. Sturdy tree pruner. It’s built for the rugged outdoors.
IT DOES NOT SLIP. This pruner have a soft grip handle cover for increased comfort and optimum performance. At the end of the upper handle, there is an open/close clip which allows for easy and safe storage.
SAFETY LOCK DESIGNED WITH YOUR MIND. Easy-open safety lock makes garden pruning much more convenient and easier.
LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Your satisfaction is our 1 priority. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will resolve your any issues without question. Buy with confidence, Snip with a smile, we are here!

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