Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Faucets: Air Compressor Quick-Connect Plug To Female Garden Hose Faucet Blow Out Adapter (Lead-Free Brass)

This blowout adapter allows you to easily connect an air compressor to blowout lawn sprinkler system, garden faucet, hose bibb, or spigot. The flexible hose allows the adapter to access tight spaces and minimizes stress on piping and fittings.

One end of the adapter has a quick-connect plug, commonly known as 1/4″ Industrial Interchange plug, designed to connect to most air compressors. The other end of the adapter has a female garden hose faucet/spigot/sillcock/spout connection. If your sprinkler system does not currently have a garden faucet, the winterization instructions which are included show the proper location to install a garden faucet.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is easy with this adapter. We use only the finest quality and most durable parts to fabricate this industrial quality, outdoor rated adapter. The water and oil resistant Insta-grip hose is made in the USA. We use food-grade vegetable oil and non-toxic plumber’s pipe dope only in the installation process.

Most commercially available brass fittings contain up to 8% lead, but for your health and safety, the lead-free brass fittings in this item have been tested by a United States CPSC-Accepted Testing Lab and certified to contain less than 0.25% lead. The manufacturer of this adapter, Vibrant Yard Company LLC, is Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.Adapter to easily winterize underground irrigation sprinkler systems, outdoor pipes, vacation homes, cabins, faucets, spigots, garden hoses, sillcocks, and hose bibbs by blow out method.
Flexible hose allows the adapter to access tight spaces and minimizes stress on pipes and fittings. Pre-assembled length: 10 inches (approximate). Pressure rating: 250 psi. 100% outdoor rated, virtually indestructible, impervious to water and oil.
Easily connects to air compressor and garden faucet to winterize lawn sprinkler systems, soaker hoses, drip irrigation systems, faucets, and plumbing to prevent damage due to freezing. Compatible with standard garden hose threading and air compressor quick-connect commonly found in North America.
For your health and safety, all metal parts are solid lead-free brass which contains less than 0.25% lead. Always wear safety goggles when handling or using compressed air.
This winterization tool is made from the highest quality parts. If you are looking for a heavy duty tool that lasts a lifetime, this one is for you! Assembled in Wichita, Kansas, USA using domestic and imported parts. Includes printed lawn sprinkler winterization instructions.

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