Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 No-Dig Vinyl Picket Unassembled Garden Fence (2 Pack), 30″ x 58″, White

Create instant landscaping in your yard or garden with this easy to install no-dig garden picket fence. Made with premium vinyl materials, this fence will not rust, rot or deteriorate from the elements. To install, you simply insert the stakes deep into the ground (included). This means you don’t need to tear up your yard to install it and you also don’t need to clean up any dirt after installation! This fence kit contains 2 sections for a total of 116in of fence and is perfect to define boundaries in your yard or garden or contain small children and pets. Made from extruded PVC, the pickets go through the rails which allows for easier assembly. This also means that your pickets won’t fall off over time and that the fence looks the same from both sides. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO GATES COMPATIBLE WITH THIS SYSTEM.This fence is designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear
Package comes with 2 units for a total of 116in of fence
Assembles and installs with relative ease- no digging required! Simply insert pointed stakes into the ground
Swooped style pickets offer decorative look to add aesthetic appeal to any yard or garden
Perfect to contain small pets or small children; not recommended for large dogs
Made with weather resistant vinyl with a 10 year warranty. Won’t crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot. No painting, staining or maintaining required!
Due to the smaller nature of this fence, there are no gates compatible with this fence. Please see the taller Manchester (ZP19018) for a fence with a gate option
Fence comes with posts and caps
Please disregard “Frequently bought together” items as they are not compatible with this fence
Please refer to the instructions on our website for detailed information and product dimensions

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